Easy way to craft your own cigar box jewelry box

A cigar box has many  different uses, but the one that will be featured in this article is how to make a jewelry box.  Some cigar boxes have beautiful artwork on top or around the box.  Some open so uniquely that it would make a wonderful jewelry box!  You can also consider the fact that you are recycling and that would help everyone.

Well to start, you need a cigar box.  Go down to your local cigar shop and see which one you interesting in or some really neat one.  See how it opens, if there is room for you to work on it, can certain parts be removed and put back of you want.  Then buy it!  They can cost between @2.00 to $5.00. (Depending on your local cigar shop)  Then go to your local craft store and buy spray adhesive and some sort of liner, velvet, fleece, silky/satin, any liner that you would look nice inside the box you just bought.  You might want to get some spool holders, to hold rings, and some cotton, so that you can put pins or other sharp objects in that part of the jewelry box.  Get creative!  Maybe pick up some cording or other decoration to make your cigar jewelry box more unique.  If you want to put a music piece in your jewelry box, measure were you want it and drill the hole before you go any further.  The same also goes for any clasp or hinges, you only want to get your drill out once, right?!

Now that you have all the parts measure the fabric of which you choose in the box.  Maybe give just a little extra so you can make a nice finished edge.  Mark the corners so you can cut them and give a little extra also for the cotton as well.  Cut corners and if you are using ring holders maybe spray paint them to color of fabric and make holes in fabric as well.

Place everything were you want it in the box, rings holders, cotton, music piece if you have one, see if placement works.  Remember the rule, measure twice cut once!  So now everything is in place were you want it, and the fabric would fit perfectly in the box, spray the adhesive to the instructions and put fabric in box.  Make sure it all lays mice and flat and all bubbles are out.  If you got cording or any decorations mow would be the time for you to have fun decorating.

You have just make your cigar jewelry box!  Realize this would make a great gift for someone special in your life as well as you are saving some money, depending on your choices of fabric and decorations.  That special someone will be very happy to get this wonderful gift!