If you have ever played darts you know that no matter how good you are that occasionally you will miss the board and if you are just learning to throw darts you miss the board a lot. Missing once or twice isn't that big a deal but after a while your wall starts looking like Swiss cheese. Not cool. To remedy this problem is a simple fix of adding a dart board backing. A dart board backing has only one function and that is to protect your wall but it also adds to the look of your dart playing area, giving it a more professional looking appearance. In the following paragraphs you will learn where you can purchase a dart board backing and how to build your own for a fraction of the cost of buying one.


Where to Buy a Dart Board Backing

 A quick look on the internet will give more than a few sites to purchase your very own dart board backing. Some of the places are Amazon.com, a-zdart.com, and dart-stop.com just to name a few. You can even purchase them at some Wal-mart locations. There are many shapes and sizes in a variety of colors. The materials they are constructed of also vary, including wood, plastic, and felt. The prices are about the same no matter where you get them if you're comparing apples to apples. But since the name of this article is make a dart board backing lets get started.

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Building your Own Dart Board Backing

By far the least expensive route is to build your own dart board backing. And don't worry if you Homemade Dart Board Backingcan use a screwdriver and stapler you should have no problems. The simplest design for building your own is a square piece of plywood covered with a piece of carpet. What you will need is a 4'x 4' piece of plywood or particle board at least a 1/2 inch thick. A piece of carpet 5'x 5', any type will do plush, berber, indoor/outdoor, ect… You can find remnants a you're local home improvement or carpet store, just pick a color that matches you're décor. You will also need a light duty staple gun with 3/8 to 1/2 inch staples, hammer, utility knife, stud finder, pencil, screw driver and four 3" all purpose screws.

How To Build a Dart Board Backing

The first step is to lay the carpet out on the floor upside down then lay the piece of plywood on top of the carpet. Center the wood so that there are equal amounts of carpet hanging out on each side. Start on any side, flip the carpet over the edge of the plywood and staple it to the wood starting on one side and working down to the other. Lightly hammer the staples to insure a tight hold. Next go to the opposite side you just finished and do the same thing. Only this time you will need to pull the slack out of the carpet has you staple. You're half way there just move to the next unfinished side, you will notice that when you fold the third side up that the corner wants to stick out, go ahead and staple it down pulling it tight. Then you will need to take the utility knife start at the corner of the plywood and cut the carpet straight out making two 45 degree angles, fold and staple each angled piece of carpet to the plywood and repeat on the other corner. Now just repeat those steps on the last side and you're done. All that is left is to hang your new dart board backing on the wall.

First locate the wall studs using the stud finder and mark them above and below where the dart board backing will hang. You might need an extra set of hands with this next part. Have a friend hold the dart board backing on the wall, use the screwdriver and insert the four screws in the four corners making sure you hit the studs. Now hang your dart board and start playing worry free darts. You might even feel the need to purchase a new dart board because your backing looks so good. Just a hint try one of the professional Arachnid dart boards. Your wall thanks you.

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