One of the best ways to simplify a trip to the grocery store is to make a grocery list. This is a list of all items needed from the store which can be checked off as they are picked up at the store. Making a grocery list before going will mean fewer trips to the store.

The grocery list needs to have not only what the family is out of but also what is going to be running out soon. Knowing how much of each item will be needed to last until the next shopping trip is one of the best ways to save money on groceries that there is. Fewer trips to the store means fewer impulse purchases and less fuel used to get to and from the store.

The simplest method of list making is to attach a piece of paper to the refrigerator and as items are used and menus planned thing can be written on the paper. It is important to keep this list updated as you think of things otherwise everything will not be on the list.

Using a spread sheet to make a grocery list is slightly more complicated but still not all that hard. Simply create a spread sheet of all items that the family uses and before [grocery shopping] look through the cupboards and see what is not there.

There are a variety of online shopping lists and software that can be used by people who like things to be a little more organized. You can even use the notepad on your cell phone to make the list.

When grocery shopping on a budget adding a few things to the list which are not needed this week but are on sale is a good way to begin stocking up on groceries. To do this you use the grocery store sales flyer which should come to you in the mail or be available online and find out what the best deals are for that week. This method is sometimes called frugal grocery shopping and can include a grocery store price book to keep track of what the best price for an item is.

Whatever method you choose for making your grocery list you need to make sure that everything that you need is on it.