Freelance writing is a job. If you want to make it successful and make a living at it, always look at it from this perspective. Making the decision to be a freelance writer for a living is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly in order to be fruitful.

Many may be attracted to this type of profession with the incorrect impression of hobbling to your laptop in your slippers and cranking out a couple of articles and having the rest of the day carefree. For those of us that make a living freelance writing, we understand this is far from the truth.

In order to be effective at this profession, it takes much more. Freelance writing is work. These are some helpful hints to assist you with freelance writing for a living.

You must network. Social skills on the computer and off are vital. Clients pay the bills and freelance writing for clients is how you will make your living. There are those writers that make a living on blogging but for the most part, clients pay the bills. Network with other writers in your niche to obtain prospects and information on what’s happening in the writing world is essential. Find out what is selling and what isn’t so that your skills are applied where you can obtain the most for your hard work.

Market yourself. You can write but will anyone read it? Will anyone want to read it? By marketing yourself you will make sure that there are clients that want you to write for them and a community that wants to read what you have written. You don’t need an expensive website but you do want to promote your content on the web. You can select article writing sites or you can have a small website or blog to market your work.

Use social media networking to market what you hope to sell to clients.  Social networking can reach millions in a matter of weeks. You will be surprised at what social networking can do for any business in today’s technological world and the amount of writing income that can be seen from exerting a little effort in the right direction.

Search job boards for jobs in your freelance writing niche to find online writing jobs that fit with a writer's personality, character and expertise. In addition, guest blog. Put your content out where others can see how great you are.

Get on board with an email account or Skype. Clients need a way to contact you and you need to contact clients. An email account is vital and many clients choose to interview today using Skype. Email is great for communicating and keeping up on what’s happening in the writing world.

If you are following websites or have joined article writing sites, email is needed.

In order to get paid, you need a PayPal account. PayPal is the bank of the internet. Ninety-nine percent of payments on the internet are administered through PayPal. You need an account in order to get paid for you work. In addition, PayPal accounts can be used if you are purchasing material related to your writing content such as training materials or webinars. Paypal not only offers writers a vehicle for payment, but there are several different options or methods of payment through Paypal.

You can make a great living as a freelance writer if you take it seriously