In the big bad world of business, companies have to constantly think up ways and means of staying ahead of the competition. Their marketing teams have to innovate, improvise and master different methods to create as well as maintain brand recall value. In the age of YouTube, one of the most impactful things you could do is to create a corporate film that could potentially go viral and make your company the most talked-about name out there.

A great corporate film is a smart piece of artistic work that should capture the very essence of your company. It speaks to your industry peers, your customers and all your stakeholders, in different tones and at varied levels, but with the same impact. It helps showcase your vision, services and products and proves to be a mightily useful PR tool. It lends solid credibility to the organization’s marketing campaigns and plays an important role in shaping company perception. Moreover, in the long run, it proves to be an extremely canny investment by reaping rich returns. Making a stunning corporate film requires some homework and diligence, but is not as hard as it may seem. Listed below are a few helpful tips:

  • Define your objective: As with any activity, it pays to be goal-oriented. Define what you’d like to achieve with this film and who your audience is.
  • Tell a story: A corporate film would be a complete waste of your resources if it turns out to be drab and boring, just an extension of a presentation. What the audience is going to be really wowed by is a story. A gripping narrative, a journey that they feel part of. Write a script that imbues interviews, quotes, success stories, or anything else that breathes life into it.
  • Be authentic: Don’t stretch facts. Creative license is great for movies, but not ideal for a corporate film.
  • Invest in high quality: Do not compromise on the production, direction and camerawork. Shoddy implementation is bound to defeat the whole idea of making a corporate video. Engage a specialist who understands your needs completely for the project.
  • Think 30 seconds: It is recommended that you change the pace and content of the video every 30 seconds. This includes the music, thus making it seem truly like a story with different chapters. This has a proven impact on reducing monotony, maintaining interest and engaging the viewer positively.
  • Maintain the theme: Ensure that the film does not seem like many stories glued together. It has to follow a theme throughout, while by all means incorporating varied elements.
  • Use interesting graphic design: Keep the company’s corporate identity intact while showcasing brilliant, creative design interspersed with clever thematic tools.
  • Always make it viewer-centric: Remember that while you may be singing the company’s praises, your viewer might not be interested in hearing about your long list of achievements. Create a video that your audience will be attracted to and receptive towards. The idea is that by the end of the film, they are talking excitedly about your company, not yawning. Happy Filming!