Making a video game from scratch, while being a big effort, is possible for an individual to accomplish. If you want to fully create a game you'll need to start with programming.

Programming is the act of using a programming language (such as C++ or Java) to create the code that tells the computer how to run your game. There are a variety of languages to use and for any language there are numerous tutorials, book, and resources available to help you.

Before we talk about the different platforms available I want to stress an important point: don't get too bogged down reading books and figuring everything out ahead of time. The best way to learn is to following along with a tutorial and to get your hands dirty. Take the "ready, fire, aim" approach and when you hit some brick walls research the information you're missing. It's possible to get stuck before ever getting started, so get in there and get some experience under your belt. Take an active approach! The more code you write and the more mistakes you make, the more you'll learn. Strive to create as much as you can.

The first step is to determine your desired platform. Do you want your game to run on Windows and/or Mac computers? Do you want it to be available on Xbox Live? Do you envision your users downloading it, or would you want it to be played on a website like Kongregate or some other Flash portal?

If your concerned about multi-platform games that can run on Windows and on Mac OS X, I would start with learning C++. C++ is a standard language for creating games and there are a ton of resources out there. You could get started with some online tutorials that teach you the basics of C++. From there, move on to books dedicated to the topic of game development in C++.

It's possible to target the Xbox 360 through Microsoft's XNA Creator's Club. Using a combination of C# and the XNA libraries you can create a game with a lot less hassle than through some other methods and your game can even be distributed, for profit, on Xbox Live.

The main point to consider is to decide on a direction and then to get started by following along with some tutorials and other learning resources. Do a lot of Internet searches to find all the resources you can related to game programming in your target language. Once you can program a simple engine and are on your way with the programming you can begin to look for art to integrate, and you will be well on your way to making a video game.