The traditional archer hat is the jaunty, pointed hat with a feather stuck in one side of the hat. This style of hat is often worn in medieval movies, and given to famous archers, such as Robin Hood and other famous characters. This style of hat is commonly made from green felt, but you can make it from brown, black and any other color desired to make the hat look more or less realistic for a costume or for daily wear. You can also add a feather to the hat if you want to make the hat even more festive and costume-like. 






Sewing machine


Iron and ironing board

Fake feathers



Make a pattern for the archer hat. The basic outline should look like a leaf with a flat edge instead of a stem. Make the pattern about 15 inches long and about 9 inches wide across the middle of the leaf shape. The flat edge of the pattern should measure about 7 inches and the pointed side of the pattern should measure about ½ an inch across.


Cut a piece of felt about 30 inches long and 10 inches wide. Fold the felt in half widthwise.


Place the straight edge of the pattern along the folded edge of the felt. Cut out the felt around the pattern, leaving the folded edge intact.


Sew one long edge of the hat together using a ¼ inch seam allowance. Sew a curved seam down toward the base of the felt along the pointed end of the felt, about 2 inches away from the point near the center of the hat. Cut off the point.


Turn the felt right inside out. Fold the bottom edge of the hat up about two inches along the non-pointed side of the hat. Taper the folded edge around the brim of the hat so that only about ¼ of an inch sticks up near the front of the hat. Iron the fold in place.


Sew a fake feather inside the brim on one side of the hat, if desired. You can also glue the feather in place with hot glue, or craft glue. Add other embellishments to the hat, if desired, such as beads, ribbon, additional feathers or flowers. You can make the hat appear utilitarian for practical use or embellish it as a fashion accessory, such as for a girl’s or lady’s hat.