Today, many employers use an employee handbook in order for everyone to know the different policies that are being implemented in the company. This tool covers all the issues that may be involved in the relationship of both employers and employees.

However, it can also cause misunderstandings and disputes if it was not carefully made or drafted. In order to avoid problems which can arise from an employee handbook, it is advisable that you acquire legal assistance and guidance from a Los Angeles labor attorney before you make it.

Your attorney will make sure that these following issues will be covered by the employee handbook:

  • Attendance- Inform your employees that you expect them to show up for work, unless they have a valid reason for being absent. The handbook should state that an employee who is always absent will be subjected to different disciplinary actions.
  • Salary- Since salary is a primary concern of your employees; you should make sure that it will be included in the handbook. The handbook should state the way on how their salary is computed.
  • Dispute resolution- The workplace is occupied by people who have different personalities and beliefs so there may be instances when disputes are unavoidable. You should think of ways on how the problem can be resolved outside of the court. Employees who are involved in a dispute may be required to undergo an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process like mediation or arbitration.

An employee handbook will enable you to control the performance of your employees. Through this manual, employees will know their duties as well as the different things that you expect from them.

Having an employee handbook can be an advantage because it:

  • Enables your employees to know what kind of working relationship should exist between you and them
  • Allows you to implement rules which can create a productive and harmonious working environment
  • Provides different rules which cover all employees, not just selected ones
  • Provides an effective way to communicate with your employees

Although an employee handbook can be help you in many ways, it can also become the cause of different misunderstandings in the workplace.

Here are the different disadvantages of having one:

  • You may need to update it regularly so that it can cover new company polices
  • You may be exposed to different liabilities if the handbook was not carefully made
  • You may not be able to fulfill promises that you have included in it, especially ones that cover salary raises and other benefits