If you like tomatos in your salad and cooking then you will know how great they are grown at home. This article discusses the benefits of growing tomatoes upside down and how to make your own planter to grow them in.

Things You Will Need

Plastic bucket with a metal or else very secure handle

Potting compost

Piece of fabric

Tomato Seedlings

Step 1

The upside down tomato garden has become very popular of late. The main idea is that the tomato plants grow downwards suspended from an upside-down container. This has certain advantages over conventional methods, namely:

  • generally less work is involved than say a vegetable patch since there is no digging and weeding.
  • no need to worry about using stakes to help keep the plant upright.
  • You dont need a garden, you can even hang them indoors in a light spot if you dont have a patio or balcony.
  • not being in the contact with the ground has advantages in that they generally suffer less from soil borne diseases, damaging insects and fungal growth, and garden visitors who may like to eat tomatoes too will have more of a problme getting at them.

Making Your Own Upside Down Tomato Planter

  1. First take your bucket with a strong handle and cut a hole in the centre of both the lid and the bottom of the bucket about 2 inches wide
  2. Place the bucket upright, take off the lid and place a scrap of fabric over the hole (this is intended to stop the soil coming out of the hole). Now fill the bucket full with a compost of your choice perhaps adding some moisture granules, and then lay another piece of fabric over the top of the compost. Make sure the bucket is full so that after fastening the lid the compost will not be able to move around much inside.
  3. Now secure the lid and then turn the bucket over so that it is now standing on its lid. Cut a hole in the fabric that should be showing across the hole you cut earlier and plant your tomato seedling in the compost making sure it is firmly rooted. Its usually a good idea to remove the lower leaves from the stem to give the seedling ample planting depth.
  4. Now, place the bucket in a warm sunny area and water the seedling until it is about 1 feet tall. Now you should be ready to hang the planter upside down somewhere convenient by its handle. If you are hanging it against a wall outside, then make sure its secure and is not likely to hit a window on a windy day.
  5. You can water the plant via the hole in the lid of the bucket which should now be on the top.

A couple of tips:

  • putting a tiny amount of bleach in the bucket when you clean it out helps kill any fungus or harmful diseases that may harm the plants
  • Since the tomato planter is to be upside down you may wish to add some water retention granules, such as vermiculite, to your planting compost, this will help ensure that the soil retains some of the water

All in all, the Upside Down Tomato Garden is a great solution for growing tomatoes in places that you normally couldnt grow a garden, so give it a try

Tips & Warnings