showcasing crafts

Have you ever wanted to make more crafts either for yourself or to give to someone special? There are so many different ones that you can make.  To name a few you may enjoy painting, woodworking, stained glass, sewing, knitting or crochet. Which ever ones you choose you need to make sure you enjoy whatever you do.

 Remember you could also earn money from home making different crafts by selling them online or at garage sales or many other ways.

I started this article to showcase a special persons talents.

 As usual my sister in law Kerry amazes me at the different ways she has learned as variety of crafts to make and made a great job of each and everyone of them. I just want to give her the credit she deserves and to showcase them for everyone to have a look at her beautiful creativity.

 I would never have looked at a cauliflower and thought; I wonder how I could sew one of them.  Well she hasn’t told me her secrets for making these nor did I ask for a pattern.  I did not ask how these were made it was enough to know she had made them and I wanted to showcase these hand sewn articles she has made.

Each article is created with love, care and inspiration by whoever wants to make them.  Whether you see a pattern and add your ideas by changing the threads they will still be work that you have created and I believe she has done herself proud making these as anyone can see they would have taken a lot of time to make.

Hand crafted Cauliflower

I think this cauliflower is made by starting with a foam ball or partial ball and covering it. Then the cauliflower is made from heaps of French knots done in clusters. By using your imagination I suppose you could change the white thread for purple and make purple cauliflowers, to make them different.

Each leaf is made individually by hand with the embroidery stitched edges and veins added with embroidery. Each leaf is then stitched on separately. This is beautifully made and a lot of patience would be needed to create this work of art.

Decorative balls

These are truly beautiful and each one is made with a different pattern with a variety of threads.

I believe these are also made by starting with a foam ball and covering the ball by winding threads around it. It actually looks like a ball of crochet cotton although it isn’t. Then you have to create a pattern making sure to keep the pattern very even by dividing the ball into sections. Too time consuming for me that’s for sure.

These could be hung on a christmas tree if a loop was added to hang them from.

Guests Wedding gift baskets

Kerry’s talents also include beautiful embroidery work, where she has made wall hangings and cushion covers. Apart from this she is a great cook and makes beautifully decorated cakes for weddings and birthdays and other works of art.

The above picture shows how she made these little almond baskets for each of the guests at her daughter Wedding.

I still have this basket in my glass cabinet and it is over twenty years old now and still looks good.

Happiness Kit

Another idea she was shown is a Happiness Kit

This consists of the things you can see in the picture.

The verse reads:

  • An eraser to make your mistakes disappear
  • A 5 cent piece so you can never say “I have no money”
  • A marble in case someone says you have lost yours
  • A rubber band so you can stretch your self to the limit
  • A string to tie things together when everything falls apart
  • Soap to wash away your cares
  • And last of all a kiss to remind you that someone cares about you.

You will also need to make a little bag to place everything in like shown in picture.

I thought that was Beautiful, what do think?