Brewmaster writes:

Everyday when entering the cauldron of life, we are not aware of the countless number of decisions we undertake just to get through the day. Suprisingly most of them are made sub-consciously, without even being aware that we are making them. Its quite uncanny that the brain being so powerful can still end up making wrong ones that can affect the days outcome. Here are a couple of examples; an attractive person catches our attention as they walk by; we glance back longer than normal and end up walking into a parking meter, or junior starts screaming in the supermarket, embarrassed we quickly exit the shop forgetting that junior is still clutching an article and now end up being escorted by the burly security guard back into the shop to pay for it.

Most of our decisions are ruled by emotions and as such will always be a part of life, don't be too harsh with yourself and take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Life being so short one must make the most of it and free oneself of the stress and mayhem of living. Unique as all our decisions are, it makes for interesting and exciting outcomes.

One ponders the fact that if we all had the same thought processes, can you imagine how life would be?

Do this as an experiement; from the moment you awake in the morning till just before retiring at night, list the number of decisions you made based on emotions. Having done this, take a bit of time and think how different the outcome would have been, if emotions were taken out of the picture and based on logic and common sense. This is where the difficulty comes in; being human we cannot react like machines, or computers. Our decisions are determined by our upbringing and circumstances that we have encountered along the way, creating our complex differences.

Decisions are also made on wants or needs. Do "you want" or do "you need"? A "want" is an item or something that you would really like and is emotionally based, coupled with factors of ego or status, If you dont get it, life still carries on. On the otherhand a "need" is based more on necessity and involves more complex factors. Are you still able to function or survive without it?.

To make more right decisions than wrong ones, ones thought processes have to be altered more towards logic and common sense with a far lessor degree of emotions ego and status. The old sayings of "take a step back" and "don't put the cart before the horse" are quite profound. If we consider that 10 percent of life's circumstances are out of our hands and beyond control, the other 90 percent is the outcome of how we react to that 10 percent. Food for thought?.