Even though the times have changed, many brides still would like their bridesmaids wear identical dresses. It’s cute, it’s traditional and it does look great in pictures. But no matter how much you try, your friends won’t look identical in their bridesmaid dresses because they are all different. One may be tall where another one is short, one may have a boyish figure whereas one might be voluptuous. To think that by putting them in the same dress you’ll make them uniform is naïve, and so instead of trying to make your bridesmaid into someone they’re not, maybe it would be a better idea to make them look like the individuals they are.


Identical bridesmaids dresses are a great start for your bridal party look. You’ll only have to find one dress you and the girls like, and that will save you all a lot of time and effort. Simply take into account your friends’ different features, from height and build to complexion and hair color, think of the wedding colors you’ve chosen and that should help you pick a color and model for identical bridesmaids dresses that will suit each of the girls.


Once the dress choice is made, let your bridesmaids include personal touches in their wedding day look. Give them some general guidelines, for example ask to have their hair up or down, to wear open toe or specific color shoes, to go for dangling earrings or no jewelry at all, but don’t get into specifics. That way each of your friends will be able to come up with what looks best on her as far as make up and hair and wear comfortable shoes, but they will still look like members of the same bridal party with the similarities noticeable but not too close.


If you’re feeling like your girls are too much of individuals to be told how to do their hair or what shoes to wear, you can simply let them style those identical bridesmaids dresses to their liking. You can be sure of personalized looks from head to toe, as women tend not to like to look the same, so there will be heels and ballet flats, bold belts, colorful jewelry, flowers in their hair, but most importantly despite wearing the same bridesmaids dresses your girls will definitely look like themselves.


Identical bridesmaids dresses in numerous wedding photos look cute, but when you look at the faces of the bridesmaids, they don’t seem like themselves. In fact, most of the time they resemble cookie cutter versions of one another, often impossible to tell one from the other. It may be adorable, but it’s also unfair to the bridesmaids to have to look like several other women on a greatly photographed, important socially day. All it takes is to let them wear their identical bridesmaids dresses their own way, and from a sea of same fabric individuals will emerge, full of their personal style, character and smiles, which will turn up much better in your wedding photos than uniformity.