It is easy to join Clickbank affiliate program. You just need to sign up and select products from the marketplace.

To make enough money from Clickbank affiliate program is a challenge.

A new affiliate marketer may not even reach the minimum requirement for the first check from Clickbank affiliate program.

The first year of affiliate marketing is a year of learning. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, Clickbank affiliate program is the best place to start.

How can you select products for promotion?

If you are a newbie, and do not know anything about affiliate marketing at all, you need to choose those vendors with affiliate tools.

You can sign up to subscribe as an affiliate. You will enter the affiliate page.

Some vendors provide tools such as banners, book covers, private label rights articles, email marketing texts, a list of keywords for article marketing, and a free guidebook on setting up a landing page or a website.

Even if you do not sell enough products to reach the first payout, the knowledge that you gain is valuable.

You learn about seo and traffic generation. The best is that the knowledge is given to you freely.

Those vendors want to help you to exceed so that you can bring in sales to them.

Many affiliate marketers will tell you to buy the products. If you are convinced that these products are good, you can sell with a clean conscience.

Product selection is an important part of making money from Clickbank affiliate program. However, I find that vendor selection is another important aspect.

Some vendors take very good care of affiliate marketers. They never try to cheat you of your hard earned commission. They provide all the tools and training to help you to succeed.

That is why the gravity for products with affiliate tools is higher than products without affiliate tools. The fact that the vendors put in effort to help affiliate marketers is the sign that they are in it for a long term. The same effort definitely goes into the product and service that they sell.

Once you have mastered the art of making money from Clickbank affiliate program, you can go on to sell those good but little known products.

These products are of superior quality. The problem is that the vendors are not expert in marketing. They are experts in their subject matter, such as cat training, dog training or even cancer survivor. They are not good at internet marketing. That is why the gravity for the products is low.

These products generally do not enjoy the attention of many new affiliate marketers. They do not know how to sell without the affiliate tools.

Many super affiliate marketers do not sell products that are well known. They sell products that are good. That is why the refund rate is low, and they can make 5-figure income from Clickbank affiliate program. It is best that you select products in the same niche.

For example, you can select one product about surviving cancer and another product about raw food diet. You can sell them together to your customers.

By the time you are ready to select the little known products, you should have enough knowledge about list building and web traffic generation to your website.

Without a mailing list, it is hard to make money from Clickbank affiliate program.

By this time, you would have a preferred method of promoting products. While article marketing is the most popular method for Clickbank affiliate program, it is not the only method.

Some affiliate marketers rely solely on Twitter to bring in sales. Some affiliate marketers rely on classified ads. Some affiliate marketers use a mixture of traffic exchange and forum signature.

You must find a method that works for you, so that you can make money from Clickbank affiliate program forever.