When you try to earn money online you may think that you have found one of the best sites ever. The jobs are simple and you get paid, small but enough to keep you motivated to continue to work and to earn money. In the end you have just spent 3 hours earning 10 dollars. Is 3 hours of your time just worth 3$. 

When you are starting to look for ways to make extra cash on the internet it is easy to find many ways to fill your wallet, web pages, surveys, e-books, articles, micro working. It is possible to make money on all of them and it is also possible to get scammed, wasting your time. The reason i mention time is that it is your source of money. To learn things you need to spend time on it, to create something you have to spend time on it. Don't waste your time. 

What is your time worth to you?

If you are trying to earn some simple cash by doing micro work, clicking ads or similar. Do you think that spending 3 minutes of your life is  worth 0,08$? Can you spend this time in some better way? When you ask yourself these questions about your time I think that you will recognize several aspects of your life that you can change or optimize. For example, if you commute to and from work for two hours a day, could you spend that time better? Yes probably, however you are already listening to an audiobook or reading during your commute. Think one step further. If you love where you live, can I get a job closer to my home? 

When you are working on the internet it is about the same thing. Are you enjoying your job? It may take some time to try to make money doing the things you love but there are plenty of possibilities out there. Present your creativity to the world and eventually it will listen. It is possible to make a blog out of any subject you like. If you don't like writing take pictures as long as you are spending your assets on something you like. 

Change is something positive

Think about what you are prioritizing in life, your time is your number one asset and you can change your life by changing how you spend it. This is a lot easier than you might think just go through you day and think of what things you can do better, you will find at least one thing you can improve. Each time you improve your life, it will put a smile on your face.