Every day millions of people browse the internet looking for earning opportunities. Most of them start with a lot of interest to work online but after some time they lose interest and faith in making money on internet. Why do they stop their efforts to make money online? Can we really make money on internet? Or is it just a myth? Believe me, you can earn money online. Read more.......

Things You Will Need

The strong desire to make money online, internet connection, interest to learn new things, willingness to work hard, perseverance, determination and patience.

Step 1

Be aware of scam sites: Internet has everything within it including earning opportunities. However it is not easy to make money online. Why? There are too many sites out there and it is not easy to identify the sites where you can work and earn money. Moreover there are thousands of scam sites out there. You may be trapped by their attractive advertisements and false promises. You may lose your hard earned money and precious time when you sign up for scam sites and work on them.

Identify legit sites: If you work hard and smart with patience, you will identify legit earning sites. Once you start identifying legit sites and start working on them, you will see money pouring into your wallet. There are many ways of making money on internet.

Blogging: This is perhaps one of the most effective ways of making money online. You can create free blogs on blogger without spending a penny. You can choose your niche and start creating quality blogs using powerful keywords. Remember that content is the king. You can use Google ad sense and make money from blogging.

Paid to post: There are a few legit sites that really pay for posting discussions, responding to discussions, uploading photos, blogging etc. The best paid to post site is Mylot. It is free to join Mylot. You can't become rich working on paid to post site but can certainly make a few bucks every month working on Mylot.

Paid to click: This is perhaps the easiest way of making money online. You just have to click and view advertisements to earn money. You can earn from 0.1 cent to 1 cent per click depending on the site.You can get your payment through PayPal and AlertPay. However it is not easy to identify the legit PTC sites as there are too many scam sites out there.

Surveys: You can make money by taking surveys. There are some survey companies that are willing to pay you for your opinions.However you should identify the legit survey sites, otherwise you may simply waste your time working on scam sites that never pay you.

Affiliate programs: You can make money from affiliate programs as well. There are legit sites such as Click bank, EBay, Amazon, Commission junction and Paydotcom where you can work as an affiliate. Who is an affiliate? An affiliate is one who connects the buyer and seller. You have to link the buyer to your seller's website where your buyer will make a purchase and you will earn affiliate commission.

Other ways: You can also make money by writing reviews, working as a ghost writer, uploading photos, uploading videos, viewing videos, chatting and undertaking data entry jobs.
Summary: Yes, you can make money on internet if you can work hard and smart with perseverance and patience. You need to learn many things and work with determination to earn big income online. Earning on internet is not a myth but a reality.

Tips & Warnings

Warnings: Beware of scam sites. Never invest any money unless you are 100% sure of getting returns. You can't become rich overnight, there is no quick rich programs at all.