I can see a lot people wondering: "do i need adsense for InfoBarrel?". The answer is no. You do not need an Adsense account for InfoBarrel anymore. You did need it in the past and some articles may not have been updated with the new system (which started at the beginning of this year) which explain some confusion but again, no, you do NOT need your own Adsense account to write for InfoBarrel. You can still use your own account though if you want.

Here is a bit more information about this topic (why this change, how to set up your account if you do not have your an Adsense account, etc...).

1. The Background

But let's first discuss about the background for this change. InfoBarrel, like several other websites, let people write articles online and use their Adsense account to display ads. Basically InfoBarrel takes only care about the technical aspect. Writers come, benefit from the authority of the website and use their text, their images and their ads.

This process is fine as long as people have an Adsense account. But Google has been more and more demanding (too many people register and cheat by having friends/family clicking on ads just to increase revenue) about applicants and it is now nearly impossible to get an Adsense account if you just write on InfoBarrel. You would probably need to create a blog (or a website), write on it to show Google you are serious about it, and at the end you may get an account you can use at InfoBarrel. But this is tedious and what the point of having a blog if your real aim is to write for InfoBarrel.

Another issue comes from people who are banned from Adsense. If you friend tried to help you by clicking on your ads, you may get banned forever even if you did not know about it. And once you are banned, there is little you can do to get your account back.

2. The Change

So, what is the change about? Well, InfoBarrel is now letting you decide between two ways to earn money.

1) The usual way with your Google Adsense account (with the problems mentioned earlier).

2) You let InfoBarrel take care of the ads. They basically pay you to use ads space on your articles and they are paid themselves by advertising companies, ie you do not need a Google Adsense account anymore, you are now independent from Google.

3. More Details

So, the next question is: how to do it? How to switch from 1) to 2)?

Here is the rule given by admin: "If you were a member of the site before March 1st, 2013, you are able to opt into Tier 1 ads.  Since then, everyone is automatically enrolled in Tier 1 ads."

To opt into Tier 1 ads, enable the option called "First Tier Ad Management" which is available in your settings. Make sure you have filled in your personal information under Payment Information too so that InfoBarrel will be able to send you the money.

Here is a screenshot about where to make this change:

New Payment ActivationCredit: Screenshot by Adragast

You need to tick the "Enable..." checkbox. Right now, this box is disabled and you therefore  need to PM admin for that (the checkbox is not working).

4. Is This Site Becoming Like Squidoo?

Squidoo or Zujava are similar websites where writers are paid without needing an Adsense account. However, there are major differences between InfoBarrel and these sites. For example, both of these sites are using a ranking system (based on likes, blessings, zubassador likes, ...) and dividing the revenue pool into tiers (if your article is ranked number 1, you don't get more money than if your article is ranked number 1999), etc... I am not saying those sites are bad, I am just saying that they are still very different from InfoBarrel where you are paid depending on your article only (no competition to rank better...).

5. Who Should Change to the New System?

The new system has the advantage of having a lower threshold. For example, if you make $60 with your Google Adsense account, you will not receive any money (you will have to wait until you reach $100). By using the new system, you would get $50 and the remaining $10 would be on your account waiting for the next $40 (the threshold here is $50).

Also, if you are new on the online-article-writing thing, why would you bother with Adsense? It is just a lot of time and effort with no guarantee of success.

What makes me want NOT to change to the new system though is that I have several blogs and for me it is easier to keep track of everything at one place. It is already bothering me that I have to check my earnings at Squidoo, Zujava, Amazon, Adsense, etc... I don't want to add something new to this list. I may still change my mind and use the new system in the future (I did remove Adsense on one of my website for example).

Anything else you are wondering about? You are welcome to ask me in the comment section, in a pm, use the forum or ask admin directly. I find the InfoBarrel community to be a great one and I can only recommend this site. I am confident it is moving in the right direction and this new system will just make things easier for newcomers. 

If you haven't joined yet, please consider doing it here. I will help you anyway I can.

Otherwise, for more official information about this change, you can check the official announcements in the blog and the forum. Here is the blog post:


And here are the forum posts:

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