Making the decision to-adopt a child needs to be something you decide between the two of you. Never agree with your partners decision if you are not in full agreeance with it. It could end up coming between you.



How will you know for sure that you cannot have your own children?There are no guarantees in life as to whether you will or won't have your own child.Many people have been told repeatedly that they will never be able to conceive.And yes for some reason or a miracle happens and they give birth to their own baby.







What are the odds of this happening to you?No one can answer that question it may be in God's hands only he knows why these miracles happen.Even the best and latest medical specialists are left bewildered.







Trying too hard







Often the hopeful parents so keen to have a child are for want of a better word, try too hard to become pregnant.They go to bed and make love with this on their mind.If they could learn to relax and enjoy their lovemaking quite often things are found to happen.







I know personally of couples that were told they would never have a child of their own for one reason or another.Eventually they gave up trying to conceive.They applied to-adopt a child, over time their adoption came through.Then within a couple of years they gave birth to their own child.What does this say? Were they trying too hard?No one can really explain the reasons why.







Adoption cost







Adoption costs will vary from country to country.There are no set fees, although many agency or private adoptions could cost from between ten thousand and fifty thousand dollars.Each one would come with a variety of expenses.








It will depend on whether you have to pay a prearranged birthmother expense or travel expenses.Then there are also international adoptions which will all have different factors to consider for different countries.








Baby Adoption







Making the decision to-adopt a child you will have to agree on many aspects different aspects. Many people prefer to-adopt a new born baby, although this is not always possible as so many girls and women are keeping their babies.Therefore it may be necessary to-adopt from another country.








We adopted our son, forty years ago.It was less difficult then as many women were not given money from the government to help assist them in bringing up a child on their own.







Our son was several months old, and to us, he was ours from the moment we saw his gorgeous little smile. He still has that cheeky little grin even today.


My husband and I have never regretted the decision to-adopt.Well maybe a couple of times when he gave us a hard time, no not really.We even tried to-adopt another one but were reminded that we had our own daughter and not a son, therefore there were many other families without a child at all.Which we could understand that, so withdrew our application.








Private or international adoption







There are many different ways of applying to-adopt a child.Everyone has to follow their own heart in deciding on which way to deal with this.Whether they could adopt a child from another country or go down the line of a private adoption.







Older child adoption







There are so many children that for one reason or another go from one foster home to another.Have you ever considered adopting one of these?All children need love. Yes they may have a few problems, although most people do.Children are no exception.In fact, I have often seen people with terrible problems with their own children.An adopted child is no different, all kids and families have different sorts of problems.







Special needs adoption







Special need adoptions are no different to any others. The main difference is that the adoptive parents need to have more patience, consideration, and understanding.Depending on the special needs they may have to build wheelchair ramps or hand rails into their homes.







My personal opinion







As we have an adopted son of our own, I believe that all children bring their own love with them.Natural birth or adoption has made no difference to our family.Our children are ours, no matter what other people may think.







I am a firm believer that you should tell your children right from the time of adoption.We told our son from the beginning that we chose him as ours.He was our special little boy.Of course he did not understand the meaning in the beginning, but as he grew older we talked to him about it.







We also gave him the choice and offered to help if he ever wanted to find his natural birth parents.He has so far refused our offer.







When you make the decision to-adopt a child, think about the possibilities of medical problems. In some circumstances, if there are any medical problems it is a good idea to know if the medical conditions are from heredity.All though that is of course another topic for another day.


Making the decision to adopt a child may be the best thing that could happen to you and your family.

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