funemployed: The state of being without a job, yet having lots of time to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.

Lois is funemployed, so after her workout on Tuesday morning, she went down to the beach and joined her other non-working friends for a bar-b-que


Life's a Beach
Of the numerous folks that are without a job presently, a lot are lucky enough to be "funemployed", living off investments, unemployment checks, or their parents or guardians. Many are determining this to be a fantastic time period for soul searching. Uncovering the meaning of life. This is excellent! You rarely know how your next incarnation will reveal itself so it's very important to explore your choices.

But bear in mind, it would be wise not to make the common mistake of wiling your days away! Handling unemployment like a holiday until you find the "perfect" situation is HAZARDOUS. I've witnessed the harm with my own eyes. Doing so shrinks your work muscles: your capability to think quickly, to function within a structure, to work collaboratively, to work under deadlines, to be liable for your results.

Flowing Water Doesn't Freeze
Success isn't an occasion, it's a momentum. And waning velocity means taking yourself out of the overall game. Other than the internal implications, there is also external harm. Prospective partners and employers will know instantly, listening to your interview and perusing your resume, that you've dipped out of expectations. It would take too much time to instruct you and to get you up to speed on leading edge approaches and thinking for you to be imagined a sound individual to join a team.

I say, indeed, take pleasure in life, explore the beach! But ADDITIONALLY you should really consider your interests with urgent attentive zest, and always expand your imagination and your community. Having a free schedule implies you can at last take those Junior College classes, register for a seminar, achieve new certification, participate in talks and professional development opportunities, look for a mentor, and volunteer for your favorite organizations. No excuses. Have a good time, be smart. Remaining lively in this manner helps keep your CV animated and current. You definitely can't list social drinker on your CV now can you? But you can easily add in new affiliations, experience, initiatives, trainings, and temporary work, even if they were low-wage or not paying at all. I have a friend who not long ago soared from low-wage and volunteer gigs to a coveted full-time salary job, having applied this very approach.

Escape The Gloom
In 2010, my own year of fiscal terror, I sent application packets for twelve opportunities - and didn't land one! That's right, 0 and 12. But still I'm not here to underline the wound. Rather, the rebound. It would be realistic to be frustrated, down, and worried about a record of this nature, and I was - all of the above. In such a case, however, the journey also grew to become a source of pride. I didn't let the situation stop me from gaining new expertise and continuing to provide first rate services to as many individuals as possible. This is the year that Art Of Hustle, the strategy and the belief system, was introduced. By the time January 2011 rolled around, I was surprised to have kept being mailed loads of W2's. Nine in all! Steady enough,eh, for a fellow without a steady salary?

None of these came from cold submissions. Every one happened because I followed what I'm suggesting now: creative openness along with professional readiness for any business opportunities that I could possibly offer my abilities to. Because of this, now several others are too harvesting the rewards through my emerging professional services and through ordinary inspiration to also carve their own path in an honest, viable, and personally rewarding way.

Still, as thankful as I am for all the goodness that's presently emerged and goes on to emerge, I value that there is continuously more progress to search out, so I make it a point to continuously sharpen my tools. And I would especially advocate to any person out there to do so likewise, no matter what your circumstance but especially if you're just hanging out, killing time.