Often, people complain about lack of space in the home and often they can do something about it without resorting to moving house. The tips given in this article are to help people to understand what they can do to maximize the space within the home. It goes through the different areas of the home and outlines things that can be done to make the home look bigger. We also talk about elements of the home that can be changed quickly and easily that help to create a lighter space which gives the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. 


There are several ways in which light comes into play. The light fittings that you use within a room can make a difference to how spacious the room looks. For example, are your light fittings causing shadows? If they are, perhaps introducing light which is set into the ceiling can help to do the trick. You need to assess what changes you wish to make throughout the home because the electrician will certainly give a less expensive quotation if quoting for several jobs at the same time, rather than simply dealing with the problem room by room.

The drapes or window dressings within the room will also make a difference. Pull the drapes away from the windows do that they fall at the side of the window recess and you automatically open up more space for light to get into a room. You have several choices here. Either get rid of fancy pelmets and curtains that block light and replace them with linen curtains which encourage light to enter the room, or use longer curtain poles so that the drapes can be pulled back to the sides and allow the full recess of the window to be exposed to light. 


Often people hold on to furniture which is outdated and no longer used any more. Why? We do it because it's what has always been done. You don't need to waste your unwanted furniture and there are probably people within your family who would be glad to give unwanted furniture a home but when you downsize furniture, you automatically make the space in a room look larger. For example, do you really need a king sized bed in a spare room? A smaller double won't take up as much space and will look every bit as functional. How many side tables do you have? Do you need them all? Try to evaluate each room and decide which furniture is superfluous to requirements. You may even find that you can sell these in a garage sale and use the money that you earn to help you to  but smaller furniture that fits your space in a better way.

Colors and Contrasts

While it has become the fashion to use wallpaper on feature walls, many older homes still have patterned carpet, patterned upholstery and patterned drapes. All of this adds the impression of clutter and makes the home look smaller. Instead of wallpapering a whole room, having one wall wallpapered as a focal point, other walls can be painted in a complementary color, so that everything goes well together, but does not give that closed in feeling. If you have upholstery which is patterned, why not have a chair recovered? If you can't afford that, why not try adding a throw in a neutral tone so that your sofa or armchair looks nicer?

People say that you should not be afraid of color in the home and that's acceptable, but if your home is feeling small, changing colored walls for pastel shades will help to make the room appear larger. Matt paints that do not reflect the light also help to make a room seem uniformly large. You can always add a pop of color in each room with cushions and accessories without overdoing it. That bright color that you love can still feature in ornaments or artwork and it will have much more impact against pastel colored walls.


The style of kitchens is always changing. If your cabinets are dark, why not repaint them so that they are lighter? You can buy specialty paints made to do just that and your kitchen will look lighter and brighter. Perhaps your countertops are dark and could be replaced. A kitchen makeover doesn't have to cost you the Earth. If you take off the doors and drawer fronts to paint them in a garage, this gives you a chance to declutter and get your cupboards looking neat and tidy. Get rid of clutter from your counter tops and remember that less is always going to give you more. 

Maximizing your space

When you have decided upon all the changes that you wish to make, moving from room to room and decluttering will help you to free up space. If you use one bag for things to sell, one for giving away to charity and one for garbage, you will find that you will soon make your small home look so much bigger. The decluttering process is also very rewarding and therapeutic and as you move things out of your home, you will see that the small home you have can look much larger.