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It wasn't that long ago that if you drove a Jeep, Suzuki Samurai or Sidekick, or a GMC Tracker, you had a 3-season vehicle at best. It likely came with a Rag Top, which likely wasn't very sturdy, durable, or effective in bad weather. And especially in COLD weather. The more you put them on and took them off, the worse they got. The zipper windows didn't stay zipped or didn't hold tight.

Then, something magical happened 15-20 years ago. Somebody started coming out with aftermarket hard shell tops. There were a few designers and marketers, but production quantities were limited and prices were high. Car dealers didn't want to stock or sell them, and finding one was a chore. The price, though, deterred most people because of all the folks in the middle trying to make their couple of bucks on the deal.

Then, again magically, along came EBay, and the folks that had been making or inventorying these hard tops now had a wondrous way to reach out directly to the consumers with these hard Jeep Tops. The prices were considerably less, and the tops sold like hot cakes. One thing led to another, and aftermarket auto parts web stores were born. Now the Top Marketeers had a Store that the consumers could shop at directly. The consumer could now see all of the tops up for sale easily, and pick through the list efficiently for just the right one. It was a win for the consumer and a win for the marketers.

The hard tops made for the Trackers, Suzukis, and Jeeps also kept getting better and better. Getting them on and off got easier and much more secure, and the Off-Roaders now had a vehicle they could drive year-round! Sweet! These tops didn't leak, they kept the folks inside dry, warm, and toasty, and allowed them the freedom to continue exploring even in winter! The Jeep owners really now had it all – they could leave their 4x4 topless on the nice summer days at the lake or beach. They could quickly pop on a rag top, with as much or as little coverage as needed, when the weather was damp or too hot. Or they could put on the hard top when the air turned cold and the snow started falling. What a world, what a world!!!

So, if you are a new owner, or even an existing owner without all these options, take a trip on the net and look through all of the great Jeep tops available for your 4x4. And turn it into a 4-seasoner!