One thing that people talk about and hold in their memory for a long while after they go to a wedding reception is the food that was served there. Their comment is usually on how good the food was. When planning your wedding reception you must take serious note of this important aspect of the wedding reception. If you want your wedding reception to be memorable you must put into serious consideration your guest when it comes to planning the wedding reception food. I would highlight some tips to help you with planning this aspect of your reception.

Create a menu. Rather than offer everyone the same food, which may be economical, it is better to offer a menu from which your guest can select their choice of food they want at your wedding reception. Because the taste of people varies and some may have some sort of food restriction, providing a menu allows them to make an appropriate choice to their taste. Again the fact that you have provided a menu for your wedding reception food shows the guest that you have been mindful of them, creating a foundation for a memorable wedding reception. Having a choice of two foods is okay, the menu does not have to be a pretty long one.

Do not go overboard with exotic food. Good food is does not necessarily have to be fanciful. If your guest finds that the reception food is something they are not familiar with, they might be very reluctant to eat. Please present food that your guests are going to be familiar with. Always chose food that is simple and not overtly unfamiliar so that your guest can have a great time with the wedding reception food.

Stay away from food that is messy. On your wedding day everyone is going to be dressed on their best clothes and the last thing you would want if for any of the guest to soil their clothes with food and subsequently stain that is difficult to remove. Having food that is simple and easy to eat would go a long way in ensuring that any of these unpleasant events happens. The last thing that should happen at your wedding reception is for your guest to have a stain on their dress that would stop them from having fun in your wedding reception because of their consciousness of the stain.

Use your past experience at various other peoples wedding reception and what the food was like to choose what you want to offer. Ask from your friends and relatives what they would like to eat during your wedding reception. As you go through the list think about what you like or do not like about various options and let that guide your decision on what wedding reception food you would want.