With the economy the way it is right now, saving money by doing at-home projects yourself makes perfect sense. While there are a variety of different tools the at-home warrior has at his/her disposal, there is nothing more useful and versatile than a cordless drill. However, not just any drill will do. You need something that will stand the test of time and be a dependable part of all your building activities. What you need is the Makita 14.4v drill.

Makita makes a full line of cordless drills as well as some other great cordless tools like sanders and even a great little Makita worksite radio. But the 14.4v Makita drill is right in the sweet spot for most home users who don't have the need for a heavier, pricier, and more powerful drill like the Makita LXT 18v drill.

The 14.4v Makita cordless drill comes complete with an ultra-efficient brushless DC motor that has very little heat. The motor is able to handle a high load for an extended period of time without zapping the battery. The batteries are made from Nickel Metal Hydride so you know they will last. This version of Makita battery also charges very quickly and does not develop the kind of "memory" that plagues so many other drill batteries.

Coming in at only 4kg and 266mm, this Makita drill is light and compact enough for any job you can Makita 14vthrow at it. Having a lighter drill is very important especially when you need to work in a tight place for a while, your arm can get very tired. If you were to compare this drill to the Makita 18v, you would be surprised by how much lighter it feels. The grip is also very comfortable so your hand will not get fatigued over long periods of work.

Everyone knows that a drill is nothing if it doesn't pack a heaping helping of torque. You need the torque to power through those stubborn screws that just won't seem to budge. Well, you can rest assured because Makita cordless tools are known for their amazing torque. In fact, the Makita 14.4v packs a whopping 44nm of maximum torque. Good luck trying to slow this drill down!

The real power of a Makita drill only comes to light when it is pitted against another drill with similar specifications. The Makita 14.4v was recently put in a head-to-head test against another drill and the results are promising. The two drills set out to erect a 9' X 12' metal storage building. After only 15 minutes of work, the other drill simply gave out. As you can see going with a quality drill will save you time and reduce your stress. If you have not experienced the true power of Makita, then it is time to stop waiting and make the plunge. I guarantee you will not be sorry.