Cordless power tools are handy and a necessity when working in places distant from electrical outlets. Having the correct tool for the job is only on part of the equation. Adequate power which is also portable is equally as important as the tool performing the task. The Makita battery line for cordless power tools is backed by the most experience in the power tool industry. With a wide array of batteries for cordless power tools, a Makita battery products are light weight, and dependable, a product leader for the cordless tool industry.

Available in a range of sizes from 7.2 volts up to 18 volts, there are Makita battery and charger combinations to meet every power tool need. Also available from Makita is the Lithium ion battery with a memory chip which communicates with the charger for a fast, accurate charge. Not only do these batteries weigh 40% less than the nickel cadmium batteries but they can be charged at any time with no effect on the battery. In other words, you do not need to completely discharge the Makita lithium ion battery, like those found in the Makita LXT line of tools, before plugging the battery in to the charger.

Makita power tools come in many cordless models including a variety of saws, screw drivers, hammers and impact drivers, blowers, and wrenches. There is even an excellent, rugged-ized, cordless Makita radio for the work site. All have undergone rigorous testing to assure superior performance and long life. The complete line of Makita batteries is available to give these tools superior power again with ease of use, dependability, long life, and application use. Smaller, lighter batteries power lighter-use tools and larger, more powerful batteries for professional grade tools with plenty of ruggedness, power, anMakita Batteryd torque for any type of job site.

The lithium ion Makita battery is also a leader in the industry. Due to its light weight and ability to fit easily into the power tool, this battery gives excellent voltage. With a low discharge rate and the lack of memory, the lithium ion Makita battery can be recharged at any time and stored. A charged lithium ion battery can sit on the shelf for months without use and it will be ready to use when needed making it a perfect power source for portable tools.

This is exactly what happened with the Makita 18v cordless drill I initially tested. I charged the lithium battery and then forgot the drill for several months until I had a job for it. When I needed the drill to hang pickets for a job hanging a new fence, the Makita drill worked for hours driving screws after sitting for roughly 2 months on the shelf. This is truly amazing for those who have any experience with older NiCad batteries.

Makita makes a full line of cordless power tools. The cordless drill, voted best over all when compared to other cordless drills, received the complement of being the best power tool ever used by the comparison testers for Popular Mechanics. Job performance, ease of use, and power are the important aspects of any power tool. It is the Makita battery power that gets the job done in the world of cordless power tools.