Today, Makita makes some of the best batteries in the world for cordless power tools. The newest Makita charger also allows you to completely charge the Makita LXT lithium battery in under am hour. Battery technology has truly come a long way.

It is amazing to think about the origins of power storage. When do you think we were first able to store power? The 1700's? The 1800's? Actually, the Ancient Egyptians were able to make rudimentary batteries to store electricity more than 2000 years ago! As with any technology, when something is created there is always another product that needs to be created to support it. What do you think the technology that supports batteries is? The answer, of course, is battery chargers!

Battery chargers have truly changed the way we live. We no longer have to use batteries once and then simply throw them away. We can now help save the environment by reusing the batteries over and over. Cordless power tools have pushed battery technology and been on the cutting edge with rechargers for a long time. And I have used virtually all of them over the years.

One of the best battery chargers around is the Makita charger. Makita is a company that makes what I consider to be the best cordless drills. The latest Makita LXT batteries utilize lithium-ion technology which give them excellent recharge time and super dense power storage. Another feature of a MakiMakita chargerta battery is that it has multiple points of contact. Once you place the battery into the Makita chargers you are able to get a better delivery of power. This will then translate to longer usage time once the battery is back in the drill.

I am sure you have heard of air-cooling on a motorcycle. The motorcycle must keep moving so that the air can pass over the engine to keep it cool. The Makita 18v drill has the same principle. It uses a forced air cooling system that protect the battery from getting to hot. This is very important because if the battery was to be damaged during use and you put it back on the Makita charger, it could rupture. A lot of those other cheap chargers can also overheat the battery during the charging cycle, this is obviously very dangerous.

The most important thing to consider when looking at a batter charger technology for cordless power tools is its ability to charge your batteries in a timely fashion. There are many chargers on the market that use cheaper materials and therefore are more dangerous and also less efficient. It really does pay to go with a quality charger like the ones made by Makita. Makita chargers are able to stand up to any job and will keep your batteries fresh and ready to work.

If you have been using an inferior charger and have been suffering with it, then it is time to try something new. If you decide to go with a quality charger like Makita, then you will save lots of time from the reduced charging periods and you will also save the stress of having to constantly replace your charger.