Malaga at Night

Feeling run down after long winter months and a spring that barely got out of first gear? Fancy a holiday in the Spanish sun where the sound of flamenco guitar tickles your ears and the savoury smell of Paella fills your nostrils? Look no further than a popular port on the bustling Costa Del Sol, namely Malaga!

The city of Malaga is located in the European country of Spain. With a population of over half a million, it is reknowned as being a popular resort location. One of the highlights of being in Malaga is the fact that there are over 300 days of sunny weather every year, thus the beaches are a magnet for those fleeing the cold and chilly weather of northern climates. During winter months, temperatures can reside in the lower 60s but still travellers flock here.

There are many sites to explore during the beautiful weather. One worthy attraction is the Picasso Birthplace Museum. It is advised to arrive early since there may be a bit of a wait for admission. Some of Picasso's works such as Mother and Child and Olga Kokhlova with Mantilla may be found there. Just a few minutes away there is Picasso's actual birthplace, Casa Natal.

Another great attraction is the gothic style Church of St. James. Many visitors enjoy the city because of its architectural heritage. For those who love to take in the festival atmosphere, in February there is the Fiestas de Carnaval. Some of the activities include flamenco dancing, a parade, and people are dressed in costume.

And what about the beaches? Well they are highly thought of here for their cleanliness and distinct lack of pollution. They're also surrounded with plenty of fun activities to catch even a hardened cynic's eye, including great restaurants and coffee shops. Caleta, Candado, El Palo, Guadalmar, Las Acacias and San Andres are some of the best beaches on offer here.

Whether you're looking for the party atmosphere of a heavily frequented beach, or a more private experience, you can easily find it in Malaga.

For those that want to explore other areas, Malaga has a rail system which is connected to Madrid. Travel time is only two and a half hours. The airport in Malaga was one of the first in Spain and connects with over 100 cities in Europe.

If public transportation isn't your cup of tea, you can always hire a car in Malaga and rent a vehicle to explore the surrounding coastline and villages of the Costa Del Sol.

Whether you stay in a 5 star hotel, b&b or even a humble log cabin, Malaga is a great place to take in the Andalucian atmosphere of southern Spain and enjoy new sights.