Do you have a pet who just can't seem to stop itching. Either they are scratching with their hinds legs or biting themselves trying to get at what ever is driving them crazy. There is nothing more pitiful than a dog that can't stop scratching when they have that look in their eyes that just says, "Please Help Me." Maybe your dog has something more than fleas. Of course only your vet can decide for sure, but maybe your pet has contracted seborrhea.

You have probably heard about this skin ailment in people but I bet you never realized it was possible for dogs, cats, and even horses to get it too. Seborrhea has symptoms of either dry, flaky skin or else oily skin that is combined with severe itching and even infection due to the open wounds. One great way to treat this problem is with Malaseb dog shampoo. Malaseb is designed to treat secondary seborrhea which is the most common. Primary is a hereditary condition that shows up in particular lines of dogs and cats but secondary can be contracted by any four legged furry pet. It is caused by a a yeast, fungus, or bacteria which inhabits the skin and causes the incessant itching that drives your pet crazy. Your living arrangements really have no bearing on whether or not you pet contracts it because they can easily pick it up whenever they are. In fact, the yeast strain can actually be found around the ears and mouth of your dog.

Malaseb has an anti-fungal as well as an anti-bacterial agent that can rid your pet of the infestation so the infection can be treated. An added benefit of this shampoo for your pet is that there are no artificial dyes or scents if he or she is allergic to those. Also, it can help to restore the natural oils of the coat. Not only does your dog get treatment for the seborrhea but they also get a very nice, clean, shiny coat.

Malaseb dog shampoo can also treat psoriasis which is another skin condition found in humans and dogs. As with all medicated shampoos and products be sure to check with your vet first and follow instructions for applying the shampoo. You want to be sure to keep it away from the pets eyes, ears, and mouth. Also, open wounds should heal before use of this product. Your vet can give you all the particulars, but if you dog is itching and going crazy then see the doctor soon.