Malaybalay  is the capital city of the province of Bukidnon. It situated in the northern part of Mindanao, the second biggest island in the Philippines. It is an agricultural area where farmers grow products like rice, corn sugarcane, vegetables, legume, root crops. Other commercial crops are also produced by the city like rubber, coffee, banana and pineapple. In addition, there are several business establishments that exists here. One is the Gaisano Mall which occupies almost a block of the city's main street. Aside from shopping stores, there are several poultries and piggeries that are established in the outskirts of the city. The office of the Governorn of the province of Bukidnon is also found here located in the Malaybalacy city Capitol grounds.

There are many beautiful spots that one will find when dropping by the city. Nasuli spring  is found in Bangcud, Malaybalay city. One will find old and tall trees which is the source of water that abundantly flows in the spring.

For those who want to meditate, pray, watch the beauty of nature, and have utmost peace  the monastery of transfiguration awaits. It is part of barangay San Jose, about 4 kilometers south of Malaybalay.

Another great activity one can enjoy isbiking and  hiking at Impalutao. This is found 15 kilometers north of Malaybalay. The place offers a chance to go hiking in the forest amid sounds and singing of wild birds and other insects that live in the place. There are trails that lead to waterfalls called "Dila Falls" and "Gantungan Falls." The water is very cool and inviting and a haven during summer time.

Malaybalay has more than these to offer. The people who lives there are warm and hospitable. Its cool climate is very inviting especially during summer time. These are mostly due to the mountain ranges filled with pine trees nearby that makes the weather exceptionally cool. The city indeed is a beauty to behold and worth visiting for.

Capitol Ground
Monastery of Trasfiguration
Credit: Courtesy of Kleomarlo