Female and male body modification has been around for generations and dates back hundreds of years in some cultures. Though there are a fairly equal amount of mods that can be done on women it seems that some of the most over-the-top forms of this art-style are found on men. Here one can find information on some of the strangest and most extreme male body modifications seen throughout the years. Don't expect to see mild or extremely common mods  - every day piercings and tattoo's won't be found here.

Male Body Modification: Sub-Dermal Implants and Saline Inflation

Augmentation and subdermal implants can consist of some of the same types or styles (at least) of body modification although augmentations can often be more extreme.To witness surgical augmentation and more serious methods of implantation-- in reference to male body modifying -- one may expect to see things such as horn implants (most commonly seen on men) or implantation of spikes or other objects (often implant grade silicon) placed completely under the skin to more milder types such as those falling under the label of microdermal. With proper healing some of these can be upgraded to larger sized objects provided the skin is healthy and has the elasticity to stretch to a larger size. 

Inflation(what an oddity) has been around for awhile but has not hit near the level of popularity (at least publicly in the US) as some augmentation or implant modifications. This is achieved by injecting saline under the skin and can be seen done in all parts of the body however with men the: forehead, genitals and arms seem to be the most popular areas to inflate.

Male Body Modification: Branding and Scarification

Branding and scarification are, perhaps, some of the more extreme forms of self art that one can expect to see. As with other forms of voluntary body decorating this dates back to ancient times in some cultures and religious sects.

However, in today's age it is more common to see these forms of male body modification done purely voluntary and for personal or style related reasons. 

Branding, as one may already assume, is the act of placing something hot - such as a branding iron, decorative branding tool or laser style cauterizing tool onto (or close to) the skin to cause permanent scarifying in a desired design, symbol and place. More rarely seen,  but still an option, branding can also be done with the use of extreme cold such as liquid nitrogen.

Scarification is really just as self-explanatory as branding but can incorporate more methods to achieve the desired look. Scarification, when dealing with it as a form of body art, can be achieved by shallow  trauma to the skin such as: scratching; cutting; abrasion; branding (see above). All of these can be done using a number of tools ranging from scalpels to chemicals.  

Male Body Art and Modification: Removal, Cropping and Splitting

Now we get into, what some believe to be, the most extreme forms of body modifications for men (and women). Removal can consist of actually having entire parts of the body completely removed (fingers, genitals...) although this is most often seen done in medical procedures or for cultural or religious reasons rather than as a voluntary form of modification. 

Splitting, more common in comparison to removal, has also been around for years and is typically seen in the form of tongue splitting. This method of body modifying leaves the tongue resembling that of a snake and is often referred to as a forked tongue.

Cropping, refers predominantly to the reshaping of ears by removing or at times cutting the ears to achieve a desired shape or look. The most common look that is sought after by this method of extreme male body modification is elf like ears.

These are by no means all there is to male body modification. The list of mods, styles and methods is extensive and can include extreme piercing, eyeball tattoo's, eyeball piercings and much more so stay tuned for more on extreme personal modifications. If you know of a modification that tops the charts - I'd love to hear about it!