Men stress a great deal about hair loss, especially when they begin to notice a bald patch. Rest assured that every effort will be made to further stop the loss of more hair. However, did you know that male hair implants can be used to regrow  more hair?

So what exactly is a hair implant? Simply put, a hair implant just means the transfer or moving of a hair follicle from the chest or back of the head, to an area of thinning or balding hair. In other words, you are taking your own hair from a spot that does not require it and putting it in a spot that does need it. The great advantage of this is that since it is your own hair, it will match up perfectly.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that haneeds to be performed by a skilled surgeon. Tiny areas of hair with some skin is taken from the back of the head, (as this is where hair loss is at a minimum), and then transferred to a bold spot. This technique has proven to be effective in both the male and female population. This cosmetic procedure can be performed at the surgeon's office or clinic.

Another advantage to this method is that the results are permanent. One should notice some growth after a few weeks, since the hair implants would have connected with the blood supply by then. Surgeons tend to avoid using donor hair follicles, since there is a chance that the body might reject it. The procedure could take one or two days depending on the amount of hair follicles that need to be transplanted. The doctor will call for a follow up visit to fill in areas that are still sparse.

Furthermore, there are really no risks involved with this procedure. A few cases of infection have been reported, but these were due to patient's not following proper post operative instructions. Another advantage is that a potential candidate does not need to take that extra time off from work. Unlike other surgical procedures this one will have no scarring after the hair implantation is completed.

In a few rare cases, the transplanted hair began to fall out soon after the surgery. This meant that the procedure had to be repeated once again. Hair implants are a costly treatment. It does cost more than a hair piece or any other alternative hair loss treatment. Many candidates, however feel that since the results are permanent it is an investment for their future fulfilment.