The kind of look that is getting most of the female attention today is that of the male fitness model and the magazine cover guy. He's not too bulky like bodybuilders but athletic looking with a nicely defined six pack to add to his finishing touch. So are you looking to train for this kind of physique? Yes?

It is definitely achievable as long as you follow the correct male model workout and diet program on a consistent basis. During the course of this article we will cover some of the key fundamentals to getting into top shape & get lots more admiring glances on the beach and in the gym or who knnows maybe your first ever magazine cover.

Male Model Workout And Diet Tips

#1) Cardio - A good benchmark for your body fat percentage is to aim for 10%. Once you achieve this you'll have superb definition and a serious six pack. With the right discipline you can go from there if you wish and come down into the single digit body fat percentage figures. Your cardio has to be HIIT which stands for "high intensity interval training." This will burn fat up to 9 times faster than regular long steady state cardio sessions. You will only need to do 20 - 30 minute sessions after your warm up but take your time to build up your interval intensive bursts to prevent injury.

#2) Full Body Workout - For 3 days every week hit the machines and free weights hard with a full body workout. Keep the rest between sets down to 60 seconds for maximum fat burning. Always give 72 hours between each full body session to give time for your muscles to fully recuperate and recover. Also stretching is very important during/after every session to prevent injury.

#3) Eating For Definition - With the male model workout and diet programme you will not be eating too much junk food! Don't worry though because the results you get will be well worth the sacrifice. Eat protein with each meal, carbs in the low glycemic index range and fats should be good fats. Divide how many hours you are awake by 6 & thats how often you should eat, this will boost your metabolic rate so you'll burn fat quicker. Once a week allow yourself a junk food treat and believe it or not due to the leptin in your body it will actually speed up the fat loss process. Oh, and don't forget to drink 8 - 12 glasses of water every day without fail.

Male Model Workout And Diet Conclusion

To determine how long it will take to achieve your desired physique will depend on your physical condition today. The main thing is to get started and take it one day at a time and set some reasonable achievable goals. Use a 7 day planner to plan your work outs and meals carefully. Remember, "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail." The planner will keep you focused and on track. Getting a male fitness model physique is easy when you know how, you just have to take action!