More and more men today are choosing to get plastic surgery, and rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures. As plastic surgery has become less taboo, many men are deciding to improve their appearance by having their noses reshaped.

While some men chose to undergo male rhinoplasty in order to eliminate breathing problems, many other men are interested in male rhinoplasty because they want to reduce their nose size and make their face appear more balanced.

Still other men are interested in male rhinoplasty because they want to change the shape of their nostrils or alter the contours of their noses' tips. Through advances in plastic surgery, such changes are now possible. However, prior to undergoing male rhinoplasty, you should think about the following points:

Are You Able To Undergo Male Rhinoplasty? If you are under the age of sixteen, your nose cartilage is still growing, so it is inadvisable for you to undergo male rhinoplasty; however, if you are over 16, you are able to have this procedure. Another issue to consider is whether your hopes for the result of the procedure are pragmatic.

Even surgery performed by a trained plastic surgeon cannot completely change your nose - in other words, a hook cannot become a button. You are eligible for male rhinoplasty if you thoroughly understand that the operation will not lead to an "ideal" nose; rather, it can only alter your nose to a certain extent.

How Do Male Rhinoplasty Operations Work? Male rhinoplasty is typically done at an outpatient facility, and procedures may take up to three hours to complete. In order to give the plastic surgeon a means of entry to the bone and tissue of the nose, an incision around the nostrils is made and the skin of the nose if pulled back.

After this, depending upon the goal of this specific male rhinoplasty, nostrils may be cut into a different form, nose ridge bumps may be filed down, bridge height may by increased or decreased, or tips may be reformed. Finally, c skin is put back and then sutured together.

Costs for Male Rhinoplasty Male rhinoplasty expenses range between $3000 and $8000 dollars. Although this procedure may be costly, it can have significant results, which for some make it definitely worthwhile.

Male Rhinoplasty Risks? Although male rhinoplasty tends to be extremely low-risk for patients, there may be a few potential problems. Among these rare problems are anesthesia complications, infections, excessive bleeding and swelling. Other possible consequences include feelings of numbness, frequent nosebleeds, nerve damage and ruptured blood vessels.

It should be noted that these conditions are usually quite rare, and the majority of male rhinoplasty patients are quite pleased with the procedure. In order to ensure that your male rhinoplasty goes well, it is recommended that you choose a highly-qualified, experienced and reputable plastic surgeon.

What is the Length of Recovery? In order to protect the newly made nose, it is necessary for recovering patients to support it with a nose splint for several weks. To help nostrils to keep their new shapes, they are usually packed with gauze; however, the gauze with be taken away after several days.

If men have been displeased for many years with how their noses look, male rhinoplasty can be a very gratifying procedure for them to have. Male rhinoplasty may result in increases in social confidence and anxiety, which can free men to turn their attention to more pressing issues!