Malta is a tiny Island in the Mediterranean. It is situated between Italy and North Africa, if you look on a map of the world. Malta is the largest of the Maltese Islands and there are sister islands of Gozo, Comino and Cominetto. The climate is usually good and the Maltese Islands have an all year round holiday industry.


Gozo is the largest of the sister islands. It is easy to visit as a day trip from Malta or for a vacation stay. Access is usually by ferry from Malta. Gozo is less busy than Malta but can be bustling in the capital Victoria when the tourist ferries dock. There are some pretty resorts on Gozo and one sandy beach that has distinctive red sand. There are archaeological site, museums, churches and a market to visit.

Comino and Cominetto

These smaller Islands are fairly undeveloped. Comino has a hotel and lovely blue turquoise waters surrounding the island but little else. It is possible to holiday on Comino and would be perfect for those who want to get away from it all.

Access is by helicopter from Malta or via ferry or tourist boat. There is a good sandy beach at the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino but it is only postage stamp sized. There is little natural shade so if you are a day tripper take a parasol with you and some refreshments. Shopping on Comino is not possible. Cominetto is usually only accessed by the motor boat and its owner who offer nail biting excursions around the island's waters.


You will either love or hate Malta. Usually there is no half measure as far as this is concerned. Worth a visit is the island's capital Valletta, Imdina The Silent City, Mosta, Golden Beach, Melliha, Sliema and Bugibba Bay.

Despite the fact that Malta is only around 316 square kilometres there is plenty to see. Malta has been invaded and ruled by various countries over the years. The last rulers were the British but Malta gained independence in 1964. Malta played an important role in The Second World War and there is an interesting exhibition detailing this in Valletta.

In recent years the British have invaded again but this time as tourists. The Maltese people speak fluent English and they are very warm and welcoming. Malta has great architecture, beautiful sunny weather but few sandy beaches. Most of the sun bathers cling to the rocky coast of Malta.

The blue grotto is well worth a visit but for those who like nightlife St Julians will be a better place to visit. Select your destination well so that you pick the right resort for you. There are direct flights to Malta. The Maltese tourist agency will be able to offer full details of sights and events worth visiting on the island of Malta.