Who said candles were only for women? Man candles, or mandles for short, provide the rough and tough set with scents that they can love. They are great as unique holiday, birthday, or Father’s Day gifts or as a scented inspiration for a BBQ, sports game, or just general socializing. What makes these candles so macho? Read on to find out.

Man Candles: A Man Cave Essential

There’s no way better to drive the macho out of a man than lighting a floral scented candle during an otherwise manly activity. Who wants the sweet, sweet smell of lavender or morning rain to waft across their BBQ or sports day get together? It’s a crime against testosterone!

man candles_bbqEnter man candles to the rescue. Man candles (or mandles), come in scents that are sure to pass the literal guy smell test. Let’s cut to the chase: These candles still smell great. They just happen to have names and scents that guys will appreciate. In fact, many are smells that nearly everyone loves. You’ll find great candles like the woodsy “2x4”, the fresh-cut grass scented “Riding Mower”, or a hardened leathery smelling “First Down”. All of these are by the well-known candle company Yankee Candle, so you know the quality is top notch.

Then, you’ve got selections of mandles that teeter on full-blown testosterone takeovers. How about a BBQ scented candle or one that smells like draft beer? You can even go full-guy and get a few man candles that smell like fart. Yes, it’s out there (and it makes a great gag gift.)

Great Ideas For Man Candles

As mentioned, man candles come in many aromas that everyone can enjoy, and they won’t cause a ruckus among the guys in the room. Try them out for your family social gatherings, for the next big game, or during a summer BBQ party.

Mandles also make for excellent stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and Father’s Day gifts. They have a fun vibe around them that is sure to get a smile. You may even find that some guys who have never lit a candle in their life will light a man candle because of the guy-friendly scents.

If you are in need of a gag gift, as seen there are manly candle scents out there for this, too. They’ve got a fun feel that makes “stinging the nostrils” all the more entertaining. They are sure to cause a stir.

Guys may not be the main buyer of candles, but mandles are definitely a type of candle that they are more likely to enjoy. They’ve got the right smells and candle names to pass the unwritten man code. And if you’ve got a few guys in your life who are scented candle haters, man candles may be just the thing to change their minds. The next time you are looking for some candle scents that won’t offend the guys in your home, give man candles a shot.