Management is an organizational function. We can manage the people we have in our team or manage ourselves or every material that was assigned for us to manage at work. If you were given a project which you have successfully managed then this means you had the proper know-how and that you were smart enough to carry things out to a happy ending by using all the available resources you had.

It really has a lot in common with investments. When we are talking about managers, we are talking about people with resources they need to invest and these can be talent, time and even human resources. The main goal when managing is to get your job done properly so that you can get a proper return of resources. For this, the manager has to be a very intuitive, smart and capable person who likes what he's doing and does not comply to these rules just because he is in only for the money. Any such managers won't last too long in the business and the results they will be putting up for their line of work will lack any special qualities.

Let's say that a team has been assigned for a given manager and this team is not that sharp in terms of efficiency. His role will ultimately be to be absorbed in this team and understand they're approach on things and then to offer them a solution which they can understand and cope with which will ultimately facilitate a better production (efficiency). There are also other scenarios to count in like a self managed team. In this case there is no designated manager, and success will be achieved only with the combined effort of the team.

One big question and also a mystery for some, is how does management differ from leadership? Honestly, for some these two have no differences and feel like being the same thing said in different words, but things aren't that simple. The main difference between these two is that while the first is focused on making the existing directions more efficient, while leadership focuses on getting new ones.

Things aren't as easy as they might sound to some, when it comes to being a manager. For example, one of the duties a manager had was to bring the first man on the moon. Now how does that sound to you?