Employee Retention

Happy employees are far more productive than those that are dissatisfied or disillusioned in their jobs. This almost goes without saying, yet managers often let the pressures of meeting deadlines and increasing the company's bottom line get in the way of facilitating their employee's job satisfaction.

Learning new ways to increase employee job satisfaction is a great way to bolster the loyalty and efforts of your workforce. When your employees feel that their contributions are appreciated, they in turn are more willing and able to focus on your company's success.

Businesses that seek out ways to show their employees' appreciation fare well in terms of business growth and job satisfaction.

Employee Retention Strategies to Consider:

  • Partnering with the local gym or YMCA to offer discounted memberships to your employees. Healthy, active employees are generally far more mentally stimulated, emotionally balanced and pro-active in their decision making. You could also encourage lunch hour or pre-work walking groups or mediation classes on site.
  • Non work related mental stimulation is also important. Consider prompting your employees to start a book club or a knitting group for example.
  • Encourage employees to take time off as appropriate. Although it's quite natural to worry about how the work gets done when your employees are out of the office, it's important to recognize that most employees take pride in their work and feel responsible for their own work outcomes. Your employees will make sure that work doesn't fall through the cracks; especially when your employees feel that they are working in an environment that cares about their job satisfaction and work life balance. You should also be prepared to help facilitate how work gets done when an employee needs to take a little time away from work.
  • Develop a staff recognition program. Employee recognition programs can be implemented at little or no cost. You could publicly acknowledge staff for a job well done to start, or record client or co-worker notes praising employees so that it can be added to their personnel file. This is a great way to subtly encourage your workforce to increase their efforts and improve the quality of the work that they produce. But it also sends a message that their efforts are noticed and will be acknowledged. You should make sure to choose a fair and balanced selection process that gives everyone a fair chance of being considered for some type of recognition.
  • Consider whether your organization can afford to offer some type of pay for performance bonus. Money may not always be a motivating factor, but it is certainly a form of positive recognition.
Don't be fooled by the belief that money is the only way to motivate employees though. It's just one piece of the puzzle that will help you to show your staff how much you appreciate them.