Managing Hives / Urticuria

Hives or Urticuria is an allergic reaction that develops a red itchy rashes or welts on the skin. This is often cause by dust mites, pressures on the skin or even consumption of food, which cause the allergy.

The body release histamines into the bloodstream causing the itching and swelling symptoms. In normal cases, these symptoms may last from an hour to few hours. Anti histamines can be given to quickly relief the symptoms but they are not the cure.

Many doctors often advice to monitor our own surroundings and take note of what we eat to identify the cause of the hives. To many patients, the root cause sometimes can never be found. Some patient’s only experience acute hives which may just go away after few days or weeks. Many however may suffer from chronic hives that lasts years.

How do you manage hives?

A personal research shows that many chronic hives patients are having poor immunity. Other reasons are due to chronic dehydration and environmental changes.


1)   Chronic Dehydration

The cause of some hives is known due to the lack of water in the body. We all heard that we need 8 glasses of water per day. Are you drinking enough? If the body lacks the water required, they send histamines out to the skin scavenging for water. Many of us may not realize that we suffer from chronic dehydration. We may say that I am not thirsty, but before we realize that we have been dehydrated. Constant drinking of water is good to the body so why not drink more and it may relief you from the itchiness and pain from the welts.

2)   Environmental Changes

Moving into a new house, having a new pet, new bed, new carpet, new job in a new office. These can be the environmental change that will trigger your allergy. Think about what have happen during the months before you develop your hives. To get yourself cured, you may want to revert the change if possible.

3)   Poor Immunity

This should be the main cause of many chronic hives sufferers. I am one of the patients with poor immunity. I have a very unbalance diet, having meat and carbohydrates in all my meals. I am lacking in vegetables and fruits for over 34 yrs. in my life.

Now my body starts to complaint and I have hives for over 2 yrs. It affects my life and causing lots of stress in me.

How do I get well? I started to balance up my diet with at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables each day to start. I took traditional Chinese medicines to boost my immunity. Western medicines only help hives in relieving symptoms. Thus choosing Chinese medication is my only solution.


I am starting to get better with less hives outbreaks. To manage hives we need to understand the cause and treat them at the roots.

If you feel that you have an immunity issues, do look at your diet. Drink more water and monitor your environmental changes.