Hypoglycemia is a medical condition caused by low blood sugar. Often individuals must consume quick-sugar foods when the blood sugar level dips below a certain point. When the brain doesn't get enough glucose, confusion, abnormal behavior and vision problems can occur. Dealing with hypoglycemia can be challenging, especially if you are pregnant, but there are ways to manage the condition.

Things You Will Need

Blood Sugar Monitor

Step 1

Understand the condition and what it means for your pregnancy. It's important that you educate yourself about hypoglycemia and any complications you could experience with your pregnancy as a result of the disease. Blood pressure drops and sugar levels dip even more in individuals with hypoglycemia when pregnant, and they can cause you to faint or pass out. Make sure to talk to your obstetrician about the fact you're hypoglycemic in your initial appointment and follow up in subsequent appointments.

Step 2

Maintain regular checkups with the doctor. When pregnant you should make sure to keep regular appointments and checkups with your doctor to ensure you and your baby are doing fine and having no problems. In addition if you have any questions or something happens when you're away from the doctor's office, don't be afraid to call them. What you're experiencing may be a result of your hypoglycemia and not something that normally happens to pregnant women.

Step 3

Monitor your blood glucose level. While you may have a pretty good handle on your blood glucose level under normal circumstances, pregnancy can take it way off track. Make sure to check your blood sugar level everyday and alert your doctor if it becomes irregular.

Step 4

Eat regular meals. When pregnant with hypoglycemia it's important that you don't skip meals. Going too long without food can cause your blood sugar level to drop where it is unsafe. Plan meals and snacks ahead to make sure you are eating regularly. Array

Tips & Warnings

Physical activity can be beneficial to maintaining your blood glucose level when pregnant. However consult with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise program.