Let’s face it, today’s economy is tough. More and more people are realizing just how important it is to save money. Today, the unemployment rates are high and companies are being forced to downsize which puts people’s jobs and hours at risk. Following are some simple ways that will allow you to save some money just in case your job falls through.  These money saving tips are simple things that shouldn’t make too much of a difference in your daily life.


Make a Budget

A budget is an easy way to see where your money is being spent. It shows you the money you have coming in and shows you where it is going, which makes it easy to see where to cut costs. If you need help creating a budget get in contact with a credit counseling service as they will be able to help you. 

Buy Generic

Many people think of generic products as being not as good as the brand names, however often this is not true. There are many great generic products out there that work just as well as name brands. I am not saying switch over to everything generic but at least try out some cheaper generic products.

Less Driving

Walking or taking the bus is going to add up to some quick savings for you. Gas prices are very expensive so by simply driving less you will save money.  



Coupons are great ways to save money. Simply cutting out a few coupons can really add up to some great savings. Now, I am not saying you need to go crazy extreme couponing like on TV, but coupon savings really do add up.

Eat In

Going out to eat costs a lot of money plus it is generally less healthy for you. Packing your lunch and eating at home will save you a lot of money. Grocery shopping will allow you to have meals for the entire week and will definitely cost you a lot less than eating out every day.


Make a List

When you go out shopping make sure you have a list as it will cut down on impulse buys and unnecessary purchases. If you make a list of the items that you need and stick to the list you are going to save yourself money. Having a list stops you from simply just adding random things to your cart.

Use Cash to Purchase Things

 Credit card debt is where a lot of people get into trouble. People spend money they don’t have and then debt just piles on. If you use cash you are going to be thriftier when it comes to spending money. Trust me; it’s harder to fork over cash then plastic when it comes to making purchases.

Drink Water

Water is not only healthier for you, but it is a lot cheaper than buying soft drinks, juices, etc.  The cost of buying sugary drinks can really add up so do your pocketbook and your body a favor and drink more water.


Turn Off Those Lights

It is amazing how many times we leave a room and leave the lights or the television on. It is an easy step to turn them off, so do it and save some money. Electricity bills can easily be reduced by turning off what you aren’t using and by switching to more energy efficient bulbs.

Cut Out those Coffees

Do you know how much your Starbucks fit costs you? Well, if you have five coffees a week at $5 a pop, you are spending $100 a month. Cut out that coffee and see the savings add up.

These things are great ways to save you some money. However if you are finding yourself is some big financial troubles than you should seek some professional help. Contact a credit counseling service as they have professionals that are able to help you get a handle on your financial situation.