When it comes to keeping up with mortgage payments, different reasons can cause hard time to the borrower. Among them there are such hardships as poor health, unemployment, a lack of overtime, a divorce, etc. Discovering how to keep away from foreclosure has turned into a priority for most of American families. A RealtyTrac report demonstrated in September 2009 that one in each 65 037 housing residential units faced forced sale. Luckily, avoiding foreclosure can be realized through several various methods that are purposely designed to help surviving homeowners.

How You Can Avoid Foreclosure

Knowing ways to stop repossession is essential. It not just worsens credit score ratings for a timeframe of seven years, but it can essentially influence family life. Avoiding foreclosure can be realized with the use of a short sale, a mortgage loan modification or applying for bankruptcy. Here we are going to present a breakdown of those three alternatives to give homeowner knowledge for making well-reasoned decision on how he would like to do it.

Short Sale. Avoiding Foreclosure With The Help of a Private Sale

This means reaching an arrangement with the moneylender to sell a housing unit below the worth of the loans and mortgages secured on it. Since the moneylender stays away from costly and time wasting legal procedures, they abrogate the margin between the final sale value and the mortgage. Basically, a short sale makes it possible to arrange the best of a hard situation for both partners. Even as the IRS usually treats the abrogation of indebtedness income as chargeable, this is not likely or probable to apply to the main residence until year 2012.

Applying for Bankruptcy. Avoiding Foreclosure via Personal Debt Restructuring.

On condition that a bankruptcy application is served in proper time, it will help to avoid mortgage foreclosure from happening. Even as applying for bankruptcy is in fact a radical method of dealing with forced sale, it can provide a homeowner with enough time to find a possibility of payoff. It is almost certainly to provide debtors who have more unsecured debts with debt relief. Abrogating other personal debts might help in saving cash that might be used to pay back the secured debt.

Loan Modification. Avoiding Foreclosure by Altering the Repayment Terms

A mortgage modification is composed of reducing the rate of interest, extending the loan, changing the type of the loan or balance decreasing. This can be achieved with the help of both the moneylender and the government. The aim is to get better affordability and assist a homeowner keep that status. Eligible homeowners can take the advantage from this opportunity until the end of year 2012.


People looking for information on how to stop foreclosure can receive help in several various ways. Whilst avoiding foreclosure can be realized by the person, there are several private companies that can take the burden of the concession process. Always search for financial help once it becomes evident that money problems are likely to happen.