For those of you who have been laptop computer users for sometime, you already know the secret about battery life with you laptops. However, for those of you who have just acquired your very first laptop, here is a heads-up for you. After a period of time that is surely a lot quicker than you would desire, the battery in your laptop will not be able to maintain its maximum computing ability and will have to be replaced. That is the way of life for all laptop computer batteries. Toshiba laptop batteries are no different than any of the others out in the big wide world, or are they?

When you buy your Toshiba laptop computer, the manufacturer supplies a lot of technical data. Among all that data is some information regarding battery life rating. That rating is established for certain select models and configurations of those models that Toshiba tests with specific modes of test settings. The battery life rating is only an estimate for a particular system's battery life that apply strictly to the conditions under which it was tested and not for any other use. Therefore, if you want to know how long your battery life is, you will have to test it yourself. However, it will be different each time you turn on your laptop computer unless you do precisely the same operations every time it is turned on. So, the short of it is this, your laptop battery begins to wear out from the beginning and you will have to replace it someday. Toshiba offers replacement batteries for your laptop computer among other accessories.

When you decide to buy your Toshiba laptop batteries there are some things you need to know.

  1. Laptop Computer Model Number -- You must know the model number for your Toshiba laptop computer. Toshiba has engineered their laptop computers into 'families' or series of computers. Only the Toshiba laptop batteries designed for those particular 'families' of laptop computers will fit. Trying to find a universal laptop battery is quite futile and not even worth the time to discuss it.
  2. Date of Purchase – You should always keep your receipt when you purchase any large electronic device. Make a copy of your receipt, put the copy in an envelope, place the envelope in your computer bag in a safe place where it won't fall out accidentally. Then when you begin to have trouble with your Toshiba laptop batteries, take out the receipt copy, look at the date of purchase, and remember this fact – Toshiba has a one year limited warranty on almost every laptop battery it sells. If you are still within the one year period since you purchased your laptop computer, you may be able to get some relief when you go to replace your laptop batteries.
  3. Pricing – Toshiba laptop batteries are expensive – period. For instance, lists the battery replacement for a Toshiba Satellite Model L25-S1217 at a price of $109.99. The price for a Toshiba Satellite Model L355-S7900 is $149.99 from the same dealer.
There are some other places that will provide good replacement Toshiba laptop batteries. The easiest place to look for these is on the Internet. Some dealers that offer a full one-year warranty and a 30-day money back policy are:
  • -- They have been in business for twenty-one years and offer a 1-year warranty. They guarantee that their replacement batteries are 100% compatible.
One other consideration in regards to managing the portable power of your Toshiba laptop computer is the area of a battery charger. The Toshiba laptop battery charger provides an external battery charge to Toshiba laptop batteries. So, in the race to maintain the batteries that you have a little while longer, the Toshiba laptop battery charger is well worth the list price of $179.99. But again be sure to match the charger with your specific Toshiba laptop batteries or else you will be in a world of hurt with no batteries either.