There are many different jobs that require you to manage the quality of the store. One example is an electronic store. The store sold electronic devices such as CD Players, Receivers, Speakers and car Stereos. The store also sold music such as CDS, DVD's, posters and other such related items. Due to the smaller size of the electronic department, only one person would perform closing duties while the music department would utilize two employees to perform closing duties.

Store policy dictated that all employees would leave together and proceed to lock up and set the security functions for the evening. The process led to a time difference between the electronic department and the music department. Often the music department employees would wait around long periods while the electronic department prepared to close.

The PDCA, otherwise known as the Plan Do Check Act was definitely needed at this store. The first thing that needed to be done was to develop a plan. The goal here would be to expedite the closing process so all employees can leave at a reasonable time. You next need to establish reasonable and measurable goals. These goals would include setting a time frame for closing, perhaps starting at one-half of an hour after the store is closed. Flexibility may be needed here as some days were busier than others. After that, list known causes for the delays. Such causes are linked to one less employee performing the closing duties. Improvement actions should also be identified. These actions would include the music department starting their closing procedures 15 minutes earlier. Implementing the Improvement Plan- This action would allow one music employee to assist the electronic department employee at performing his or her closing duties. By doing this, it would expedite the entire procedure.

The next thing you need to do is monitor the results. First, you would need to establish a time frame in which to monitor and track the results. This makes sure that you are monitoring each everyday so you don't overlook one date. Next, make a weekly record of closing times would ensure proper monitoring of the process. The final process to monitoring the results is to make changes. Adjustments can be implemented after review in order to help facilitate the stated goals.

Using the 7-step method can also help improve results. The 7-step method is a plan that ensures you that your technique will work.

1. The Project: To eliminate the time it takes to perform closing duties within the music and electronic departments.

2. Current Situation: Music employees often wait around while the electronic department performs closing duties.

3. Cause Analysis: Two employees perform closing duties for the music department. One employee must perform the same amount of duties for the electronic department.

4. Solutions: Allow one music employee to start closing duties 15 minutes earlier, thereby allowing him or her time to assist the electronic department in their closing duties.

5. Results: The added assistance from the music department helps expedite the closing procedures for the electronics department.

6. Standardization: One employee from the music department will begin closing procedures in a manner consistent with affording him or her the time it may take to assist the electronic department with closing duties.

7. Future Plans: Monitor, review and implement a store wide policy calling for the same.

By applying these steps you are sure to start seeing some progress. You will be able to manage the quality of your employees and your work place. Employees and customers should even start seeing results as soon as these rules are applied.