Stress plays a large role in your life. You may be stressed out for many reasons including; finances, work, your kids or too many things on the agenda at one time. It is important to manage stress in your life so you can enjoy the life you deserve. Stress can play a huge role in your life and can affect your family time. Many terrible things can happen just because you are letting stress control your life. You need to put a stop to the stress before it takes over your body first.

Sometimes you may not know if you are stressing out. Some tend to blame their stress on a cold or a flu bug. The truth is, your cold may be caused by stress. Many people try to ignore their stress and look past all of the negative things and reach for a positive attitude. Although this is a good way to live, the stress isn't just going to go away like that. There are many signs of stress. Anxiety, crying for an unknown reason, criticizing yourself, decreased appetite, tired even after a good night of sleep, back or neck pain or a fast heart beat are all signs of stress.

There are ways you can easily manage stress:

Take deep breaths and practice yoga. Yoga is a form of meditation and helps release all of the negative energy that you may have. Breathe deeply not only during yoga, but also throughout the day. Many times if you are experiencing stress you may feel tightness in your chest. This means that you are holding your breath and not breathing deep enough throughout the day. You may not even know that you are doing this. If you are ever feeling stressed out for any reason it is important for you to take a break, sit down and take a few deep breaths until your chest loosens up. Sometimes listening to music can also help you focus on taking deep breaths. Whether it is classical or soft rock find a type of music that is soothing to you.

Create a schedule. Many times stress is caused by having too many things to do in one day. One person may have plans to take their daughter to soccer practice at 5:00 and be all the way across town by 5:30 to drop off their son for karate. It is important to plan activities carefully. If you know that there are two conflicting schedules then you should either find someone else to take one of your kids or sign them up for a different activity where the schedules don't conflict. You should always give yourself 15 extra minutes to do what you need to do. For an example, let's say that you in fact do need to take your daughter to soccer practice at 5:00 and be to work at 5:30. As much as you want to wait around and watch your daughter play soccer, it is best to give yourself enough time. If it takes you 5 minutes to get to work, then you should add an extra 15 minutes on to that time. This means that you would need to leave at 5:10. You will now have extra time to stop at the gas station if you want, avoid speeding during heavy traffic and even sit at your desk in peace and quiet until you start. By managing your time you can easily control your stress levels.

Give your kids some chores. Doing too much around the house can also cause you to stress. If your kids are old enough there is no reason why they can't help with dishes, take out the garbage and pick up their things around the house. Even as an older child you can teach your child how to vacuum and dust. Giving your child some small responsibilities is essential for all of you. Just doing small things around the house can reduce your stress levels. Your kids will soon realize that the more work they do around the house, the more time you will have to spend with them.

Make time for yourself. Although family time is important and you wouldn't want to miss spending time with your kids, it is important for you to get out every once in a while. Find a babysitter and go out with your significant other every now and then. It is important to get away from the kids and have time to yourself. If your significant other is busy then you can always go out with your friends as well. Getting out of the house will reduce your stress even if it's just for a few hours. Some things that you can do to get out of the house are go see a movie, go out to dinner or go by a friend's house. Maybe you and your significant other want the house to yourself. This is the time when you can send the kids to the babysitter's house instead.

Talk about your frustrations with others. Instead of getting angry or holding it in talk about problems that you may be having. Many people tend to hold all of their problems inside and think about them over and over. Not only is this not healthy but it doesn't resolve anything. It is important to let others know that there are things that are frustrating you. When explaining to others be sure to not yell as they may get the wrong impression. Before you start mentioning things that frustrate you, let them know that there are a few things that you would like to make them aware of. Ask them if they can sit down and talk with you when they have the time.

By talking out frustrations, managing your schedule and giving yourself time alone you can easily manage your stress. It is important that if you still feel that you are having troubles, talk with a Doctor. There are ways that they can help you whether it is a stress reducing plan or medication.