Emotion is a part of our consciousness that involves a feeling. It arises spontaneously when triggered by factors that surround us. An outburst of emotion of a person usually happens when he is the one involved in situation or has experienced it personally. An example would be when a person you know loses a very important possession, you may feel sorry for him but you won’t be that affected. But when it happens to you, you’ll probably feel a very strong emotion of anger or sorrow.


There are different emotions that we may feel. But these are the most common that we experience: happiness, sorrow, love, anxiety, anger. Too much of these feelings could be harmless but there are some human emotions that should be controlled.


An outburst of anger would always bring a negative effect for others and to you. This may bring sorrow for others and hatred and lack of peace within you. Many people are having a hard time managing their anger which results to a life lacking in peace. It would be best to learn how to control this emotion to live a happy life.


  1. I have read and tried this myself. When feeling angry or having any negative emotion because of a situation, try to change your physical position. You may look up, stand up and stretch your arms and legs or any other physical activity that may relax you a bit. You’ll feel that you’ve calmed down a bit after that rush of angry emotion.
  2. Look at the brighter side of the situation. Seek for the lesson that you may learn. This may be a difficult thing to do in the midst of a sudden emotion of anger, but it’s all in our mind, it is best to learn this so that every time you are in a situation of anger, you will be able to bring out that positive thinking in a negative environment.
  3. Do your best to avoid using negative language like no, don’t can’t. We may not know it but this affects our subconscious mind to turn into the negative. Try to focus on the things we want and not on those that we don’t. Replace these words with more positive languages.
  4. Give in to your pride. Anger usually arises when our ego is affected. Surrender to this feeling. Control your thoughts. If we don’t do this, our mind becomes restless and worked up because of the situation.
  5. If you felt that anger, opt to stay with a circle of people having a positive outlook. You can draw the positive energy from these people and will allow you to think of the good and the positive within you. Avoid going with people who complains with the same or their own issues.
  6. You can try this through writing or just running it in your mind. During a negative circumstance, try to write down or think of all the things you are thankful for. You’ll feel lighter just thinking of all the positive things even if you’re in the angriest or saddest situation you can imagine.
  7. Learn to forgive. Holding on to that grudge will just worsen your situation. It may affect your health and wellness whether physically or mentally. Once you learn to forgive, you’ll see that all those painful emotions will be gone.
  8. Eliminate the things that may trigger this sudden burst of anger or emotion.
  9. Identify what you’ll be gaining from being angry. This will help you to see a clearer view of the situation.

10.  Closure would be a solution to anger. Resolve the situation. Do not focus on winning or being right. Try to figure out the best way to take the next step to the resolution of the problem. Do not give much attention to the external situation. Try leaving them behind. Resolving the situation quickly would set your mind free.