Exercising is one thing that I need to keep on and on. A model by profession, so staying fit and toned is on priority. So much competition around that you get so confused on what to buy when it comes to your exercise mat. My friends had used a couple of them and so I asked them for advice before taking one. All had the same complaint that theirs wears out easily, is smelly after some time and very slippery once you start sweating. Now this made me think twice before even planning to take one. They used Prana mat, Lululemon mat and Jade Harmony mat. Though Jade Harmony won hands down from the rest, still there were a few issues with that too. No one had used Manduka.

Manduka seemed a new name to me. It was worth $79 and promised superior wear and prolonged existence. It was supposed to be non-sticky and the grip made it easy to hold on to the mat even with perspiration. The features seemed great; it also cushioned the spine, knees and elbows from the hard surfaces below the mat. It weighed 6.5 pounds, on the heavier side, but there seemed a comfort in that too. It measured 26 inches wide, 71 inches long and 1/4 inches thick.

This mat was available in my favorite color, black. The material seemed quite worked upon and was a great feel too. This mat was stated to last two lifetimes, superior guarantee which makes you think on how great it will be, you can actually add this mat to your will to. There were no second thoughts, I was probably a lame user, I was completely sold out to Manduka's features and bought it that very same day.

Even though it's a little high priced, it's really worth the price. The grip is amazing. I've been working out on it 4 days a week and it's been wonderful. There is absolutely no discomfort and so much great balance. Even after perspiration it did not let the body slip and the grip was truly incredible. This mat is worth recommendation. I'd suggest every yogi to get this one mat for them, there's an extra good feeling when using this one just because of its comfort and grip. You don't have your elbows, spine or even your knees hurt at any position of your exercise. Just go and buy Manduka for an extremely soothing and comfortable exercising experience.