Christmas vacation is almost here! I can't wait to wake up in the morning and not need to get ready for work. It would be nice to curl up on my bed and read a good book. I always want to do light readings, and graphic novels are just my cup of tea. 
To Christians, this season is not just about gift-giving and going on vacation. It's also about remembering the birthday celebrant - Jesus. I'm planning to celebrate His birthday by rereading this Christian graphic novel that I got from a mega book sale in my area - the Manga Messiah.

About the Book

Released in 2006, Manga Messiah is the first volume of the five-volumed series Manga Bible. It is written by Hidenori Kumai and illustrated by Kozumi Shinozawa. It looks and feels like an authentic manga. The entire book is in full color. Cool, isn't it?

The manga is based on the first four books of the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. It illustrates the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ. I'd like to stress that it's not a substitute for the Bible. Having said that, it is pretty accurate and has stayed true to the Book as far as I know. The pictures are drawn beautifully and it's a joy to look at them. Some characters have unrealistic hair colors, just like in typical manga's. I guess this is the book's way of attracting a wider audience, including readers who are non-Christians.
The other books in the Manga Bible series are the following:

Manga Mutiny

The novel starts from the creation of the universe until the Israelites' exit from Egypt.
Manga Messengers
This covers the stories of King Solomon plus many other prophets.
Manga Melech
This tells the story of King David, the ancestor of Jesus.
Manga Metamorphosis
This includes stories in the Acts and letters of Paul.

My Thoughts

As a Christian who loves manga, I was thrilled to have this book added to my tiny manga collection. I've always been fond of pictures that depict the stories in the Bible. I would scan bookstores and look for children's Bible (they always have pictures). Pictures can sometimes stir emotions in me the way words cannot do. I usually enjoy this novel by reading it very slowly.

I do have a gripe that is similar to other Christians who have seen the book. The book have changed some of the characters' names, most notably, the main character Jesus. To readers who are not very familiar with the Bible, this may get confusing. Some may even wonder if "Yeshuah" is the same person as Jesus. While I understand that this is the book's effort to attract all kinds of readers, it may defeat its very purpose of introducing Jesus to them. It's like telling people about the great deeds of someone without revealing who that person is.

Nevertheless, it's a fantastic book to have. I recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in the life of Jesus. It contains stories that teaches nothing but goodness. It makes a perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek
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Minnie Mouse reading my book while I'm away
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