For hundreds of years people have been using the mangosteen fruit for creating natural medicine and now it is available in the form of mangosteen juice. If you are looking for a supplement for your diet that provides a huge number of well researched benefits then this is your fruit.

What is a Mangosteen?

You would be forgiven for never having seen or heard of a mangosteen. I live in the UK and have certainly never seen one to this day. I can tell you that it is now part of my long list of healthy drinks but I would love to eat one.

Traditionally the fruit is found in south east Asia and requires a warm and humid climate. Traditionally the mangosteen is grown in Thailand and Burma however in more recent year some tropical regions in Australia.

The problem is that some other places in the world have made an attempt to grow this fruit including California, Florida and even some greenhouses. Mangosteen don't grow well in the wrong conditions!

There are a number of journals including Free Radical Research, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, and the Journal of Pharmacology who after decades of looking into the mangosteen they have discovered that xanthones that reside in the rind of the fruit is where all the benefits are.

Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen Juice and Xanhones

Xanthones is an anti-oxidant and considered as one of the most powerful ones in nature. Research has shown that there are large number of benefits that you will notice and another long list that have been measured but you may not realise them at the time.

Here are ten benefits that you will know about should you start drinking mangosteen juice:

  1. Anti-obesity
  2. Anti-ulcer
  3. Anti-arthritis
  4. Anti-depression
  5. Anti-anxiety
  6. Anti-vertigo
  7. Anti-glaucoma
  8. Anti-fatigue
  9. Anti-diarrhoea
  10. Anti-pain

That is just the benefits you will be aware of. Xanothes have also shown the following:

  1. Anti-cancer
  2. Anti-osteoporosis
  3. Anti-viral
  4. Anti-hypertension
  5. Anti-kidney-stones

Warnings About Mangosteen Juice

When the news was released that the mangosteen contained anti-oxidants including xanthones it became such big news that too many people tried to create misleading marketing campaigns to take advantage of people.

If you only want mangosteen juice for the fantastic taste then fine but with the less expensive bottles you will not be gaining the full benefits. Buying mangosteen juice isn't cheap but it is extremely good for you.

Where to Buy

There are a number of places to buy mangosteen juice and some of the names you will see flying around the internet will be Noni and Xango. Another reputable place for buying the juice is at Amazon who sell 100% juice which means it contains everything you can get from the fruit.

It really is worth the money but due to the cost it maybe isn't for everyone. If you an afford it and you would like to enjoy the benefits and the flavour then it simply doesn't get any better than mangosteen juice.