Manic depressive psychosis

The name itself gives you a clue about what manic depressive psychosisis but even though it may sound that plain when you read it, there is much more to know about manic depressive psychosis than most of us think. In the US alone, there are over two million people who have been diagnosed with this disorder and it is surprising that manic depressive psychosis is the sixth leading cause of disability all over the world. Well, there’s no need to get too alarmed because there is a way in which you can deal with the disorder and ensure that it doesn’t become too much of a problem.

Cause of Manic Depressive Psychosis

The exact source of this disorder is not known till today and even though scientists have been trying hard to find where the disorder comes from, all that they ended up with were clues and more clues. It was found out that two thirds of patients who had the disorder had a family history of emotional disorders. People with the bipolar disorder/ manic depressive psychosis always showed signs of abnormally triggered energy levels or moods after which they would experience depression.


What is Bipolar Disorder? What is manic depression?

It’s easy to know whether a person is experiencing manic depressive psychosis because all you need to do is to simply look at their behaviors. Talking too fast, shifting from ideas too fast, being restless, getting distracted easily and having mood swings are some of the things that can prove that someone has the disorder. Of course there are more symptoms of the disorder but most of them revolve around mood swings and behavioral changes. Well, now that you know what to look at when determining whether a person has manic depressive psychosis, it would be better to also know how to deal with the disorder since it is useless to learn about it without knowing what to do about it.

Cure of Manic depressive psychosis

Unfortunately, there is no cure for manic depressive psychosis and judging by the way scientists are struggling to know more about the disorder, it’s easy to deduce that it will take some time before a cure is found. The only thing that can help people with bipolar disorders is to always ensure that they get proper treatment which will help them gain better control of their mood and behavioral changes. This applies to both people with mild and severe forms of the disorder but the treatment will have to be long term since bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness. Treatments and frequent psychotherapy sessions can help reduce the symptoms of a person with manic depressive psychosis and currently there are medications which one can use to ease the symptoms but the problem is that not everyone reacts to the medication in a similar way. Mood stabilizing medications are usually preferred for people with the bipolar disorder and they can be relied on for years. Atypical antipsychotic medications can also be used along with stabilizing medications and other types of medications that tend to keep the person with bipolar disorder calm. There may be no cure for the disorder but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it.

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