Manifesting Abundance
Credit: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner of 4nitsirk (cc)

Creating an atmosphere of abundance is definitely possible, but you'll want to go into the process with a clear understanding of what's required at the foundations of your efforts. Prosperity consciousness can take time to build if your first impressions surrounding money were strained ones.

Watching parents struggle and express regular dissatisfaction over their lots lays a foundation for  attraction (and unconscious creation of) similar experiences. To create a new reality, you have to convince your psyche that prosperity is even possible for you. The subconscious needs something firm to enhance. Re-seeding a mind that projects poverty consciousness for many years will take time and determination.


Abundance Collage

Creating an abundance collage does more than erect a piece of empowering art; it provides a focal point for your mind to view on a regular basis. Giving that the nature of the mind is to turn things over, it's bound to take the issues of abundance and look at it from the positive angles that it's been presented with. Manifesting abundance is dependent upon a re-seeding process in the depths of your mind. Helping your mental space to become a place that welcomes the idea of abundance is the first essential step.


Daily Prosperity Affirmations

The power of sound has a tremendous effect on the mind and the etheric field that surrounds everything. If having to remember affirmations that reprogram your subconscious is too tedious for you, rest easy. You can speak your affirmation once, with convinction, every morning when you look in the mirror. Make it memorable to drive the thought deeper into your memory. Burning a special candle or playing a certain song before you speak the affirmation can help to create a kind of supportive, if makeshift, ritual that makes it possible to skip repeating affirmative thoughts 100 times a week when 7 times a week will do. It's generally acknowledged that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Try keeping this exercise up for at least that long and double or triple as long if you want to maximize the potential of a deeply-embedded thoughtform.


Add Coins Regularly To A Money Bag (or box)

Working with a money bag is an easy exercise that cements the idea that “money is coming in” through the power of daily repetition. Start by having some of your bills broken down into dimes or quarters (or something more valuable if it's feasible). You'll use these one by one to add to a satchel, bag, or box with an abundance symbol you resonate with – you can also write the name of the goal you're manifesting abundance for. Try to “feel” abundance and gratitude as you add each daily coin.

This is an exercise that you can tweak to your liking, but you should keep up the practice. Consider making it a family exercise to instill positive views of prosperity into the perspectives of your children.


Manifesting abundance isn't difficult, but like anything involving re-seeding the mind, it will take some time to establish new foundations for freeflowing thoughts to rest upon. Make your mindgarden a place where anything is possible and you'll see some amazing manifestations emerge.