Manipulation indeed is a powerful tool that drives one's future success. We already know that Mind Manipulation is innate to everyone and we need to exercise it to reap its bountiful harvest. We need to dig more in the detailed aspect of this art.

One aspect of social manipulation is psychological manipulation . It aims to change the perception of others through underhanded, deceptive or even abusive and exploitative tactics.

It was discussed that Social Manipulation hones a person's behavior since we often manipulate and being manipulated by others through our interaction. Most often than not, a person's will can change everything. Most of the time, a person's will power is much stronger than our own manipulative tactics. Often times, we are also overthrown by others social manipulative tactics. That is why we sometimes fail in some business deals or fail to convince other people with our suggestions. Because of this, psychological manipulation is used by most persons with great will to gain power. A business partner may present a very good project that would definitely entice your interest and will get you into the ridge while concealing their personal intentions. A politician uses a great deal of psychological manipulation when he passes a bill in the congress that would surely makes everyone appreciate him and will finally vote him for the next election.

Although, psychological manipulation is a strategic way to deceive people, it is also a beneficial art for those instances wherein it is badly needed. An undercover agent can hardly fulfill his or her mission without psychological manipulation. Persuasion and convincing tactics helped a lot in getting a deal out from a bad deal.

On the other hand, even ordinary people must learn the art of psychological manipulation. In order to shield ourselves with those uncanny and sly tactics of other people, we must master the art of understanding one's behavior. In this fast-paced society where everyone strives hard to survive, we are just one small fish in the ocean. We either need a bigger fish to protect us or we have to become a bigger fish in order to compete and survive. In order to do this, we need to convince and manipulate people to serve our interest.

There was one saying that goes, in this cruel world only the greatest can survive. Indeed, since every day we challenge ourselves to become better and to keep up with everything that will greatly changed overtime. Everything we do is for the purpose of convincing other people. And yet, they do not know of our real intentions. We have been successful in doing this and all because we practice the art of psychological manipulation.