Cheaper shaving with a shavette

Manscaping, male grooming, getting a close shave or fuzz removal. Call it what you like but there is a time in everyman’s life when he will have to get rid of some excess facial hair, and there are many companies exploiting the male need to shave by producing expensive shaving equipment that you cannot live without if you want a close shave.

The most popular type of razor blades is the safety razor blade, such as those made by companies like Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, amongst many others. Safety razor blades are often sold in cartridges consisting of three, four or even five individual razor blades. These razor blades are very expensive and cost around £1.50 per razor blade cartridge. When you consider a razor blade cartridge will last around three to five shaves, it is easy to see that shaving is expensive, especially when you add in the cost of shaving gel, shaving oil and after shave lotion.  You can buy safety disposable razors that contain a single blade and whilst these are much cheaper they are not worth using because they get clogged up very easily.

The safety razor and multi blade cartridge. This is a popular shaving combination used the world over, however it is an expensive way to shave and remove your facial fuzz.

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If you consider the cost of shaving over many years the cheapest way to achieve a close shave on a daily basis is to use a traditional cut throat or straight razor. These razors have a permanent razor blade that is honed, sharpened and run up and down a strop before use. Traditional cut throat razors are an expensive investment, and the cost doesn’t stop at buying the razor since you will need essential shaving accessories including a strop and a honing block, neither of which is very cheap. Cut throat razors produce a real close shave, arguably the closest shave of all razor blades however they are also high maintenance.

An alternative to the traditional cut throat razor is the shavette. A shavette is like a straight razor but rather than having a permanent razor blade that requires care, attention and a lot of looking after, a shavette uses disposable razor blades. A shavette takes single razor blades only and there is no option of loading it up with multiple razor blades. Shavette razor blades are very cheap and a box of one hundred razor blades can be bought for around £4.00. Considering the amount of time it is going to take you to use up one hundred razor blades it is easy to see these represent great value for money. A shavette offers the close shave a straight razor and cut throat razor produces but the outlay is a lot less. This means that if you can’t master the art of shaving with a traditional style of razor blade you haven’t wasted a lot of money.

The Dovo shavette and blades. The Dovo shavette offers the close shave of the cut throat razor but uses disposable razor blades that are very cheap and cost effective. Despite the low price the blades are good quality and results in a close and comfortable shave.

The Dovo shavette and bladesCredit: yackers1


The cheapest way to get a close shave is to use a shavette. The shavette is much cheaper to buy than a traditional cut throat razor blade and if you buy a good quality model, such as a Dovo shavette, you will get a razor that will last many years. In addition to this, you don’t need to spend even more money on a strop, a honing block or pay to have the shavette sharpened.

Razor blades for a shavette are exceptionally cheap and when you consider you can get one hundred razor blades for around £4.00 they are great value for money. Even if you use a new razor blade every day a box of one hundred razor blades will last around three months. By comparison, a three month supply of safety razor blades, such as the ones made by Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, will cost around £16.00, which is four times as much, so the savings are huge. Most people will not use a new razor blade every day so a box of one hundred razor blades should last many months.

A mix of razor blades. The four safety razor blades will set you back around £6.00, whereas you can get 100 disposable razor blades for the Dovo shavette for £4.00. Based on these prices it is easy to see the cheapest way to shave. The cheapest way to shave also results in the closest and most comfortable shave.

Single razor blades and safety razor bladesCredit: yackers1

The art of shaving with a shavette is the same as using any other straight razor or cut throat razor. The technique is different to that when using safety razor blades, and it will take some practice and perseverance, but the end result is definitely worth it.